Should I Have One More Cup?

Today is, according to the “National Day Calendar”, “National situational awareness day.” As such, I take a moment out of my busy morning to take in my surroundings, to be aware of what is going on around me. My dog is bored. Let’s move on.

As a technique I often implement in order to avoid starting my day, this morning I read and cleared my phone of all e-mails, I checked all my messages on twitter (none of my 23 followers sent me any messages), I replied to a few WordPress comments, and I even perused Facebook (I hate Facebook). All this because I really want to sit and drink this entire 12 cup pot of coffee… 
As always, the Facebook vortex sucked me in. I took some quizzes: 

  • “How much do you know about Tudor England?” I know as much about Henry VIII as did his most trusted life long friend Charles Brandon. (Wake up!)
  • I found my “flavor” in the menu of menopause symptoms- I’m on the cusp of black currant and dried fig. (Not really)
  • I took the “Do YOU have attention deficit disorder?” Quiz. But I lost interest and moved onto–
  • “What’s your life quote?” Mine is – “Just let me finish my coffee.”
  • And because I understand the rule of three, the fifth quiz I took was: “What does the way you see color reveal about you?” Well of course I am the quintessential optimist.

In order to prove the validity of this last quiz I have altered my outlook for this, my long anticipated day off. Today is going to be vibrant and color filled, so I take my hormone regulating pharmaceuticals, and before I get sidetracked with the newest Phillips Gregory book, I focus…I don’t even think about making a second pot of coffee. Seize the day, dog park…shall we?

September 26, 2016, Daily Prompt: Dillemma~ <a href=””>Dilemma</a>&nbsp;

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