This is a Good Thing: Saying Goodbye to My Muse

Tomorrow is the day I shake Thing One off my leg. (Actually I think it will be Thing One trying to shake me off.) Yes, it’s already move in day at her school. In an effort to maintain my positive outlook on this process, I have come up with ten reasons this is a good thing.

1.) No more bearing witness to daily running late drama as she frantically ransacks the house looking for her back pack, keys, ID, etc., when I know she was supposed to be somewhere five minutes ago. 
2) No more surprise mildewed wet laundry in the washing machine. 
3) The sink will be clear of peanut butter soiled knives, kitchen cabinets will be closed when not in use, plates, cups, wrappers, and ants will be a thing of the past in the family room.
4) No more arguing about what she is wearing out in public, because I won’t know.
5) No more wondering what is going on with the boyfriend in the other room.
6) One less teenager in the mix will mean fewer arguments over television, who borrowed what, who is sitting in “my chair” etc.
7) My clothes will be where I left them.
8) No more stray shoe obstacle course throughout the house.
9) The voice that whines “I’m hungry” at midnight will be mine.
10) Her bedroom will finally be clean!
I will miss her, but once the dust settles serenity may be within my grasp…

Now I will have two weeks to focus on shaking Thing Two off my leg.


August 3, 2016, One Word Prompt: Muse~ <a href=””>Muse</a&gt;

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