This is Crazy

Florida has taken the lead as the state with the most mass shootings, fifteen so far this year, compared to California’s fourteen, and Illinois holds third place with eleven mass shootings so far in 2016.

According to the GVA, Gun Violence Archive, the United States has had 133 mass shootings, only 164 days into the year. The criteria GVA uses to classify a shooting incident as a “mass shooting” is four or more victims shot or killed. 

Fear drives consumerism. Every mass shooting bumps gun sales exponentially, and this one is no different. The weapons used by this week’s Florida shooter to kill 49 and injure another 53, were an AR-15 semi automatic rifle, which was purchased legally with no waiting period, and a 9mm hand gun which required a three day waiting period before it could be purchased last week. These weapons were purchased legally by a man who was on a terrorist watch list. He had been under FBI surveillance, investigated for ten months after boasting to co-workers that he had ties to al-Qaeda. He was also suspected to be member of Hezbollah. This man was the subject of a ten month investigation by the FBI, yet able to legally purchase a military style weapon without so much as a waiting period, and he was licensed to conceal and carry said weapons. Wasn’t the conceal and carry law written in answer to previous mass shootings? I for one don’t feel safer with this law in place.

Americans own 42% of the worlds fire arms, but we are only only 4.43% of the worlds population. The number of guns in circulation is directly tied to the number of gun homicides. The United States has a higher rate of gun violence than any other developed country. Countless statistics support the fact that more guns mean more gun violence. More gun violence means more gun deaths. 

The definition of insanity applies here. We Americans do the same thing repeatedly, but expect a different outcome. We respond to mass shootings by shopping for guns and arguing our second amendment rights. I don’t pretend to have any new ideas to suggest that might reduce gun violence. My thoughts have been proposed by others, and rejected time and time again. Clearly, we are doing something wrong.


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8 thoughts on “This is Crazy

  1. I live in Florida. Our governor, Skeletor, says it’s too soon to discuss stronger background checks and waiting periods. Translation: the NRA has given him tons o’ dough and his pocketbook would suffer if he actually did something that might make a difference.

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