By Behaving Badly

I have devoted the past 

nineteen years of my life to a 

single social experiment,

testing how high the level of stress

inflicted on an individual human must be,

before said individual snaps.

My studies had nearly concluded 

with my reaching the point 

of no return, when

I came upon a crossroad 

that threatened to bring me 

to my knees…the crossroad was the 

natural end of the experiment… 

its conclusion: when spawn depart.

Their imminent departure from home,

with their destinations being random

institutions of higher learning, was 

devastating…or perhaps not.

I have concluded that

the reason parents 

survive this separation 

with a semblance of sanity is 

that teenagers behave badly.

This behavior is a selfless one,

in the interest of your preservation.

They unconsciously seek 

to calm the riot of emotions 

bubbling just under your surface.

They do what is necessary

to make their imminent 

departure not only tolerable for you, 

but highly desirable as well,

by behaving badly.

Bless them, 

and then change the locks.

April 26, 2016, Daily One Word Prompt: Crossroad~ <a href=””>Crossroads</a&gt;

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