Scary Stress

Daily Prompt: “When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?”

If by some miracle I found that I was able to take time away from ordinary day in and day out routine stress — single parenting hormonally challenged teenagers, employment by the quintessential “man”, living through yet another abysmal midwest winter in a money pit of an old house — to knock some kind of new untested scary stress off my bucket list, I would without a doubt refrain from including any friend or family member who might attempt to act as the voice of reason by talking me down off the ledge…

What qualifies as new untested scary stress? Anything that takes me out of my comfort zone would qualify…but what comfort zone?

The Daily Post, January 20, 2016<a href=””>Witness Protection</a>

One thought on “Scary Stress

  1. Comfort zones are definitely a subjective idea. I recently watched a buzzfeed video of “test friends” getting snake massages. That would be an untested scary “stress” (it’s actually supposed to relieve stress). Anything out of the ordinary counts as that. But hey, don’t we all need a little fear and thrill in our lives, like we need a good cardio workout? I think that having strangers or friends around depends on the situation. Strangers are often blunt, like on Master Chef or a surgeon. And if you want to do something that someone who knows you wouldn’t really approve of, then I would stick to strangers. Very nicely written. Can’t wait to read more! Please check out my take on this prompt at

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