Sheep Goats Donkeys and Elephants

I have friends from every walk of life: most religious beliefs, every sexual orientation, all political parties, hippies, granola pushers, tea totalers, drunks, pot heads, nerds, hipsters, the man, bullets with butterly wingssingles, married couples, cheaters, abstainers, librarians, every culture, from all over the world. I get along with everyone. Some people hold beliefs that I don’t buy into, still we get along and we can usually find something to laugh about. 

I can safely say, that had some of my friends tipped their hands when we first met, we probably wouldn’t be friends now. There is wisdom behind the unwritten rule that warns us not to discuss politics and religion with people we don’t really know. If you have a belief or a lifestyle that is not universally acceptable, and you confront people with it immediately, that becomes who they see you as. You become that one thing. Whereas if you get to know each other first, time is invested and you are seen as a whole person. For example: You can be- Lucrezia the cannibal, or you can be- Lucrezia my friend who lives in _____, likes _____, she makes me laugh, and even though I don’t care for her dining selections, I like her.  

I am often in the company of strangers. We are thrown together for a day, which can be daunting if a few simple rules of acceptable topics for a first conversation are not followed. 

Acceptable topics:

1. Where do you live? Have you been there long? Where did you grow up?

2. Do you have children? Are you married, dating, etc.

3. Seen any good movies or shows lately?

4. What do you like to read?

5. What kind of trips do you like to take?

By this point in the conversation you should have found something in common to talk about.

Cringeworthy topics:

1. “I just had part of my colon removed, and now I can’t leave the house in the morning until I’ve taken a dump. Have you had a colonoscopy?”

2. “How old are you? How much do you weigh? Have you had work done?” 

3. “People who voted _____ are the reason the world is so screwed up. People who don’t vote are the reason the world is so screwed up. How did you vote? Everyone is wrong.”

4. “_____ is a cult, _____ treat their women like ____, ______ is a licence to do what you want…

5. “I hate this. My spouse is the worst. Everything is unfair. I’m tired.”

This should all be common sense, but it seems that sense is not all that common. Even if you aren’t looking for new friends, life is easier without drama. Also, unless I’m your doctor, or an established friend, I don’t need to know about your colon. 


The Daily Post, April 21, 2015, Daily Prompt: Polite Company~ “It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?<a href=””>Polite Company</a><a href=””>Polite Company</a>

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