How Insensitive

Ice cream is a cruel choice of topics today, because for my son, the next eighteen months will see no: gummy bear ice cream, raw carrot ice cream, no turtle sundae, no beef jerky ice cream, no Milky Way concrete mixers, no skittle or gummy bear toppings, no nut sprinkles, no bubble gum, popcorn, crisp French fried waffle cones, no corn on the cob, no choco tacos.

As I sit in an orthodontist office, my son is getting wired in the next room… it’s braces day for him. Thirty two teeth straightened for $6,080- that’s $190. per tooth. They’ll be worn for eighteen months. That’s approximately $11. a day, and only .35 cents per tooth per day…. incase you are like me and needed to know that. I feel so much better when I think about the cost broken down that way.

Now that I’m no longer worried about money, I can concentrate on the hope I have they do green wires in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day.  Naomh Sásta Patrick Lá!

(I was tempted to write something snarky about Marijuana flavored ice cream, but I’ll let it go.)


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March 17, 2015

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Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

20 thoughts on “How Insensitive

  1. I wore braces for YEARS. The technology has really improved since I was a kid. My parents used to say they sent my orthodontist on at least two world cruises. They probably did! Remind him, it’s NOT forever. It just seems like it.

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    1. There’s a field to go into… Orthodontics. Sheesh! He’s out now, and he’s not happy, and he chose silver instead of green, so I’m not happy either. I’m kidding- he looks very cute. The eating and food choices will be a challenge, but this too shall pass.


      1. I always hated peanut butter until I was on a boat with 500 other college kids going around the world. Every port we’d get to, they’d set off in a search for peanut butter and by the end of the trip I found I, too, craved it. Now I don’t dare keep it in the house. Yes, as you imply, what we are denied carries a strange power…

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    1. It’s crazy! I am lucky my other two haven’t had to have braces. I could divide that number by all of their 96 teeth, and then it would be down to .10 cents a day per tooth. It’s still $6080.


      1. As an adult, I get it now and have no hard feelings towards my parents not getting me braces. As a kid I could not believe they would get braces for my sisters and not me. By the time they offered to look into getting braces for me, I was in college and said hell no! I regret that because damn it’s going to be expensive.

        Oh how we learn the value of the all mighty dollar!

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      2. It’s a hard lesson to learn. There is always going to be something you didn’t plan to spend money on that throws a wrench into your finances.


  2. What type of braces is the orthodontist using? It seems too expensive. I also have braced teeth but they are only 160 USD for eighteen months.

    By the way, nice breaking down of those dollars.

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    1. I think they must be platinum with diamonds. I’ve talked to other parents and the price they paid is comparable. It’s crazy! $160! That’s great! Where do you live? If I had known that a month ago, it might have been worth the move!

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      1. I live in India and here they apply braces made of simple stainless steel. But if they are platinum, they are surely very strong (and effective).

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      2. I have heard about it too. In US, the orthodontist’s business is a big profit thing. Here, people say that almost every American applies braces in his childhood. Is it true?

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      3. Yes, I would say that’s true. My son is the only one of my three who has had to get braces, but my oldest was told her teeth were fine, but if she wanted them “movie star perfect” she could get braces. She didn’t get them. Most do get them. It is a big business.

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      4. Hmmm. People in India don’t pay much heed to their teeth. If they are crooked, let them be, that’s was most of them think.

        Even I am craving to eat all kinds of stuff but these braces, damn it. Well anyways, good luck to your son.

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