Lost in Thoughts of Colin Firth

  • My phone is the center of everything for me:
    • It’s my phone
      It’s a computer I use for work
      It’s the notebook I write in
      I read books on it
      It answers life’s toughest questions, like “What is quinoa?”
      It is my navigator.
  • I use to give myself an extra 30 minutes every time I went anywhere, to allow time for getting lost. Often, that wasn’t enough. Now thanks to my phone, I rarely get lost. She does get it wrong on occasion. She has to led me to dead ends, or taken me off highways to redirect me through residential neighborhoods, but that only adds to her charm. It makes her more human.
  • Now if I get lost, it is in a book or in my thoughts. Sometimes I lose hope, but that is usually fleeting. I thank my phone for that as well, because I have my screen saver.

    Colin Firth is the savior of my phone’s screen. My phone’s screen hero! How can I not love him? My last hope for huMANity lies in him.

    Colin Firth and I have a long-standing, (one-sided, imaginary) relationship. This obsession of ours (mine) dates back to the 1995 television version of “Pride and Prejudice”. He solidified his place in my heart in the 2001 film “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” 2001 was a shitty year for me, and for many others. That film was such a nice distraction.

    I do realize, and respect that he’s happily married and that even if he were single and on the prowl, the odds that I’d garner his notice in an empty room are slim to none. Nevertheless, a girl (OKAY I’m no longer a girl,) has got to have dreams, right?

    This next paragraph is just for Colin if he happens upon my blog. Privacy, please!

    Colin, you’ve saved my phone’s screen. Can you save me too? I’ve disconnected my landline, so when the time comes, please call my cell.

    Thanks to photoshop, I have chronicled our tempestuous (if imaginary) love affair. Feast your eyes on what true love should look like.





    <img src=&

    I don’t know where this last one came from.

    8 thoughts on “Lost in Thoughts of Colin Firth

      1. I love him! I must say that I am aware of his other films. I very pathetically just watched Nanny McPhee (my kids were not home) just to look at him. Sigh. . . Props for Single Man and Kings Speech as well Colin.


    1. Well, I am probably a generation or two in front of you and I think he is darling, too. I think if he were not married he would be as taken with you as you are with him. You make a dashing couple!


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