My Abnormal Juice

A great news report has received little media attention, and I’d like to change that. There is a cancer vaccine trial underway in the UK. Imagine the lives that will be saved if the experiment is successful. Those taking part in the study are patients both at early and late stages of the disease. A … Continue reading My Abnormal Juice

System Failure

WARNING this post contains offensive language. A couple of weeks ago, my iPhone 11, which I had purchased on a two year payment plan 13 months prior, malfunctioned. It had a “system failure.” The facial recognition stopped working first. My thought was that my smart ass phone didn’t know me because I’ve lost too much … Continue reading System Failure

You Lost Your Job—How Does Universal Healthcare Sound Now?

I’m going to say something radical; healthcare should not be tied to employment. 30% of the American population is about to learn why. The number of people filing initial unemployment claims rose by nearly 10 million in the last two weeks. Experts predict before this pandemic crisis is over 30% of the population will be … Continue reading You Lost Your Job—How Does Universal Healthcare Sound Now?