American Clichés

"Paris is a woman, but London is an independent man puffing his pipe in a pub." ~Jack Kerouac, Lonesome Traveler If Kerouac were alive today and traveling the U.S., I think he’d agree with my observations: Colorado is a young white dude with dreadlocks and the munchies, but Chicago is a guy named Joe, sporting … Continue reading American Clichés

Trump is Cleared of Coronavirus – 🙄

I'm not Catholic, but I have a confession. I've wished illness on someone. In fact, If I had the disposable income to purchase an orange-faced voodoo doll I would. I might even have two, one for each hand. I'd use them to push my shopping cart at Walmart, where I hear a policeman is stationed … Continue reading Trump is Cleared of Coronavirus – 🙄

Trump’s Tweets Fuel Predictions… a limerick

This morning's twitter storm has hit the fan “WITCH HUNT!” “NO COLLUSION” cried Trump, the child/man Treason is despicable As Trump is predictable. New Mueller indictments must be in the can _____________________________ <a href="">Premonition</a>

Reading the News, So You Don’t Have To

Lately I'm torn between needing a day off from politics, and sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next thing. The next thing is always only a few hours away, which adds a high level of anticipation to my news addiction. Donald Trump has turned me into a backseat political analyst. But … Continue reading Reading the News, So You Don’t Have To

Another Taxpayer Provided Ski Timeout for Trumplets

What would you do if your rich daddy was in a foul mood after failing to making the insurance industry trillions of dollars while screwing the middle and low income people who voted him in as Incompitus in Chief? Well, I'd probably do what Ivanka and Jared did...or not. #aspen Because really, politics is a … Continue reading Another Taxpayer Provided Ski Timeout for Trumplets

Traveling to Trumpland

Henry Rousso, French Jewish Holocaust era Historian was detained by US immigration officials in Houston's George Busch International Airport this past Wednesday for more than 10 hours.  Rousso, one of France’s preeminent scholars and public intellectuals, was en route from Paris to lecture at an academic symposium at Texas A&M University's Hagler Institute for Advanced … Continue reading Traveling to Trumpland