America Today— Great is Not the Word I’d Use

ICE created a fake university, luring international students, offering graduate programs in technology and computer studies, and providing student visas. After collecting tuition, ICE has arrested and eventually deported over 250 would-be students, since January of this year, despite their valid student visas, on the grounds that the school was fake. ICE did not refund … Continue reading America Today— Great is Not the Word I’d Use

Mississippi is Hiring De-boners

The sight of *BREAKING NEWS* has no power over me. It has been overused. There is only so much a person can process. Important reports are overlooked, often by design, when news is timed to distract from something the administration wants us to miss. The double mass-shootings on August 3, 2019, woke the press who … Continue reading Mississippi is Hiring De-boners