More Golf for Trump, More Funding Cuts for all of U.S.

This is Trump's 7th golf weekend in a row. He has been in office 8 weeks. That damn inauguration with the yuge crowds cost him a weekend of leisure.  Each weekend Trump spends at his Mar-a-Lago resort comes at a cost of 3-5 million taxpayer dollars. Add that to the million dollars we spend every … Continue reading More Golf for Trump, More Funding Cuts for all of U.S.

Trump’s Twitter Tirade Feed Storm

"There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it." ~ Alfred Hitchcock  Good evening. I confess I don't feel the anticipation. I lack the basic knowledge in that form of communication where all anticipation stirs. I'm still using two cans with a piece of string when everyone else is tweeting. Twitter- … Continue reading Trump’s Twitter Tirade Feed Storm


Perfection  is not an option for single parents.  The house  will never be clean.  There will always  be weeds in the garden.  There will never be enough money, or time.  Someone  will always  be disappointed with your inability to do more.  My goal  is not perfection.  I  s t r i v e  for m … Continue reading Me-diocrity