Simone’s Dating Profile (not a real dating service)

This is ankle-biter Simone, (post divorce dog,) almost 11 years old. As you see in the above picture, she has cruelly been subjected to the humiliation of home haircuts… since the beginning of the pandemic. She was a “breeder release,” (reject,) turned over to a shelter as a puppy because she had bad back legs that occasionally pop out of joint. She’s deaf, but I don’t think she knows that. Every so often, we speak English around her, just in case she’s faking.

Simone acting as a service animal. (Bookmark)

Now she has cushing’s disease. That means expensive bi-weekly tests and meds to treat the symptoms, but no cure. She’s still kicking, so no need for condolences.

Simone is one of my three small dogs. I swear, no replacements. 💔 I will not love any more animals; you should, though. Adopt, don’t shop. Avoid all breeders. Shelters are full of every breed imaginable. The unhealthy pups are products of mass breeding.

Tip: I found all of my dogs at

5 thoughts on “Simone’s Dating Profile (not a real dating service)

  1. Oh Lydia, now you are talking my language. J’adore Simone, even the trendy pixie hairdo. I don’t have any pets just now and the parting and broken heart that goes with it is too much for my taste, so I completely understand what you are saying. I had two beautiful cats that are immortalised in acrylic paint and hang on my bedroom wall – we chat a lot. That must do for now. 💚💛💙

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  2. Ha. Simone is a lucky if slightly poorly-shorn doggie. I share your belief in adopting strays. I’ve done so for ten dogs and eight cats in the past 21 years. Three I found homes for, two were stolen and the rest lived here happily every after. I presently have three dogs, two cats–a comfy number. I can’t imagine a home without canine and feline pets.

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    1. I love my dogs and the cats I’ve coexisted with. Vet bills are killing me right now. I’ve said never again, no replacements, before, and I know that’s a lie, but I can’t afford to take care of three. Two is a more manageable number. 🙃


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