Injustice For All

Friday it was announced that a Kenosha, Wisconsin jury reached a verdict of not guilty regarding the Illinois teen, Kyle Rittenhouse, who crossed state lines to attend a protest after retrieving an AR-15 he had waiting for him.

Rittenhouse won the lottery when Judge Schroeder was assigned to his case. The judge who regularly flashed the white power sign would not allow drone footage of Rittenhouse’s killing spree to be played for the jury. The judge coddled the assassin and ordered prosecutors not to refer to those murdered as victims, but as rioters. The outcome was preordained. Rittenhouse’s intent to commit assault, evidenced in a video that Judge Schroeder refused to let the jury hear. The defendant engaged in violence, executing two men and attempting to murder a third, claiming self-defense. He said he felt threatened. The fact remains that had Rittenhouse not carried a weapon into the streets of Kenosha, he wouldn’t have shot anyone and no one would have chased him. He wouldn’t have seen the need to defend himself using deadly force, and he wouldn’t now be suffering from PTSD. Why is mainstream media is reporting that?

This ruling is dangerous. It gives armed vigilantes permission to attend protests across the country, agitate crowds and engage their firearms in the name of self-defense. By intimidation, this is an infringement of the First Amendment right to assemble, protected by the U.S. Constitution. This decision has set a precedent, deeming it acceptable to assassinate anyone who challenges the intentions of or seeks to neutralize an active shooter.

Judge Schroeder directed the ruling, employing irrational, biased behavior. The verdict prioritizes the Second Amendment over the First Amendment, allowing untrained vigilantes to wield combat weapons and intimidate protesters exercising their right to assembly. The verdict perverts the intended purpose of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, which was written at a time when powder packed rifles fired a single shot.

Rittenhouse as a young boy.

Over the last five years, we have become desensitized to flagrant injustice and what would have once been a stunning turn of events offers no shock value at all; it was another dispirited failure. America has become a sinister place where dark souls feel entitled to oppress all who oppose with their racist and misogynistic views.

Rittenhouse’s supporters prefer you not call him an active shooter, which he was. They don’t want you to call him a domestic terrorist, which he is. The teen who regularly drove without a license because the law doesn’t apply to him, acquired an AR-15 despite not meeting age requirements and felt confident enough in his white boy entitlement to sling it over his shoulder and walk through the streets of Kenosha pointing it at people at random.

Judge Schroeder did not permit prosecutors to accurately describe the gunman in court. They referred Rittenhouse to as the victim. He has become a folk hero to the same anti-vaccine Christian faction that believes Jesus will protect them from Covid-19, but they need combat weapons to shop at Walmart. Labeling Rittenhouse an active shooter and domestic terrorist offends them. The teenaged Rittenhouse prefers to be called a medic despite carrying an AR-15 rather than a first aid kit. He says he was there to “help people.” He has been lifted and patted on the back for his brutality.

Note Rittenhouse’s hand gesture in the bar photo.

Rittenhouse is a delusional imposter. He lives in a fantasy world in which he is a medic, a member of law enforcement, a military combatant, a firefighter, and “a full-time college student studying nursing at ASU.” ASU begs to differ, saying he was an on-line non-degree seeking student. He is a teenager without training, without so much as a driver’s license, a poster child for White Supremacist ignorance, violent and entitled, threatening but fearful and “acting out of self-defense.”

Rittenhouse stated he felt threatened and shot people in self-defense. As Kenneth Ray McCain, the combat veteran who wrote the above post said,

“If you arrive armed to a place where violence is happening, prepared for violence, and you engage in violence, there is no self-defense, you are, in fact, a willing combatant.”

The AR-15 style rifle Rittenhouse carried met some obscure Wisconsin legal standard because of its measurements deemed it too long to be classified as a short-barreled version. Think about that for a minute. The judge threw out the gun charge. Rittenhouse killed two people and blew the bicep off a third with an AR-15.

Kyle Rittenhouse Could Face Federal Charges As Rep. Nadler Calls For DOJ Review

This is not the end of the Rittenhouse case.

The judge rendered the prosecution impotent by refusing to present the jury with pertinent video evidence of Rittenhouse stating his desire to shoot looters. Prosecutors were not allowed to show photos of Rittenhouse, beer in hand, in a Wisconsin bar after the shooting wearing a “free as fuck” t-shirt, smiling while surrounded by fans.

“Today’s verdict means there is no accountability for the person who murdered our son. It sends the unacceptable message that armed civilians can show up in any town, incite violence, and then use the danger they have created to justify shooting people.” -family of Anthony Huber

Rittenhouse approached police after murdering his first victim. They tossed him a bottle of water and told him to keep moving.

Representative Madison Cawthorn celebrated the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict by telling his followers to be “armed and dangerous.”

This is the America the Republicans have dreamed about. It is the America Republicans celebrate.

“The abrogation of your 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble, sacrificed at the altar of racial grievance and a bastardized interpretation of the 2nd Amendment…”

The family of Anthony Huber

The following story is just another example of egregious injustice in the U.S. Christopher Belter who raped four teenaged girls was sentenced to eight years PROBATION by Niagara County Judge Matthew Murphy who said:

“It seems to me that a sentence that involves incarceration or partial incarceration isn’t appropriate, so I am going to sentence you to probation.”

We have a problem in this country with unethical judges. Both Judge Schroeder and Judge Murphy ran unopposed in their elections. We can’t vote them out without opposition.,_III

7 thoughts on “Injustice For All

  1. ‘this shit is ridiculous’ pretty much sums it up for me. I thought they would, at least, convict him for first-degree reckless homicide. But ‘not guilty’ on all charges? I didn’t see that coming. Kids a pro **remember to cry, Kyle. Cry real hard** And Matt Gaetz wants to intern him here in FL. There is no escaping hell.

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  2. Yeah but, yeah but, a dirty old white man got censured in the House of Representatives for messing with AOC ~ that’s pretty good. And the Democrats got another big bill rolling into the Senate. And Kamala Harris is laughing her way into the presidency. There’s lots of good things happening!

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