Technical Difficulties

This is not a post per se. I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

I write everything on my phone using my thumbs. I’ve tried using a laptop, but it’s not my phone. I use my phone for everything: sometimes it’s a coaster, sometimes it’s a plate, sometimes it goes under a wobbly table for stability, I use to do my son’s homework on my phone, sometimes I speak into it and hear the voices of people I know speaking back. I’m exaggerating, I only text.

That’s not important.

My problem and question— For the past few days, I’ve received alerts across my screen. See the black banner at the bottom of this screenshot. (taken on my phone)

This is constant. I hit retry because there are no other options, it disappears then pops up again immediately.

Worse than that I’m getting pings on my phone that sound like I have a text message, but it’s this alert:

(Colin Firth is my screen saver, that’s his forehead.) I’ve turned my phone off and on. I’ve logged off and on. I’ve gone back and checked my recent posts, and everything has been published, I’ve examined my drafts. Nothing anywhere says ”upload or update,” except the alert. I did a chat with WordPress, and that was very pleasant but unhelpful. This constant ping is driving me a little crazy.

Is anyone else having this problem? Are the Russians angry with me for my subject matter? Any ideas?

17 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Is it possible your memory is nearly full and so it’s not uploading and posting? I’ve been without internet or phone for three days. Then, once the repairman came, I started getting messages that I did not have access to any of thousands of documents on my computer–that I wasn’t authorized to read them! Yes, I panicked. Every time I managed to contact tech support for microsoft, they would call me and the message to get connected would be in Spanish! And the translations into English would be indecipherable. After a half an hour of hair-pulling, I rebooted and it all went away. Devices can be soooo frustrating!!! hope your problems clear up soon.

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  2. I use my phone exclusively, too, and I haven’t had the same issues. Are you using an iPhone or an Android phone? I use an iPhone and I’ve had to delete and reinstall the WordPress iOS app a few times when weird things happen on the app. I also compose and publish most of my posts from using my iPhone’s Safari browser. I use the iOS app on my iPhone mostly for the reader, but not for drafting or publishing posts. I don’t know if this was at all helpful.

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    1. Mine is an iPhone6 plus. I’ve thought about deleting the app, but I haven’t yet because I’m afraid I’ll lose my account and posts. I will put that on my list of possibilities. 😬Thank you!

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  3. I use my phone exclusively as you do. Yes, I’ve been having issues. I’ll be on social media and I’ll get the symbol that my volume has been turned up or down or off. Sometimes the symbols cycle through in rapid succession. I’ve turned the phone off and back on, and that seems to help for a bit. Then I got a notice that my phone had been compromised and that I needed to click on a button on the screen. I didn’t click on it, but the message locked my phone up, so I turned it off and let it sit idle for quite a while before turning it back on. Since then I’ve had not had a couple of the volume incidences. I’m a bit paranoid.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that, but at least I’m in good company. 😉 I was afraid to touch ”retry” because I’ve been phished before. I’ve got my laptop charged now, so I’ll see if I can figure anything out later this morning. Thanks for the idea. I will turn my phone off for a while… It might be hard to let it go. 😂😭

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  4. I am so old school, Lydia. I use my computer only….in the morning before I head out to work, and then again after dinner. I can read blogs on my phone but I have never logged in so I can comment. Call me paranoid….Yeah, Putin has his eye on you. And in a not good way, I think…… Hope this all gets resolved for you.
    Colin as your screen saver…..killin’ me. 😀

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