Twenty Years after Trump

Think about the future, twenty years from now 

Political chaos over, the planet survives somehow

Will democrats and republicans continue to subsist?

With fundamentally divergent ideologies of which both resist

A rainbow in the fog, a blazing fire in the rain

We are part of the same story, when we’re hurt we all feel pain

Peace and health for those we love, it’s our universal goal

No one wants to see a future where a dystopian world unfolds

This territory of confusion, with wars that loom ahead

Waged by selfish shortsightedness—can we have a do-over instead?

This particular war was started with attacks against our own

In the distant future we’ll see clearly all we should have known

We sit back and watch protections that had been put in place

Eliminated under false pretense by a man with an orange face

He isn’t doing us a favor, although that’s what he claims

He does this all for money because that’s how he wins his game

Russia is in the White House, Putin pulling puppet strings

Until we stand together who knows what the future brings

Trump is a temporary president, his pawns in in front of us

Pence, Sessions, Tillerson, Bannon, Kushner, Nunes, Priebus

How will they atone? Only time will tell

Meantime we are learning how bad garbage can smell

If the world survives this, and calmness is restored

Clean air reinstated, we’ll again care for the poor

Our beloved Elmo will be re-employed

All but 35 percent of us will be overjoyed

It’s only a matter of time until the conclusion of the story

I wonder how it will read in twenty years when it’s history

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