Was NBC or Was Russia Culpable? Tucker Carlson is Wrong

Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson argued on March 15, 2017, that it was NBC and not Russia that perpetuated an attack on the 2016 presidential election with their release of the infamous “live mic” Access Hollywood tape in which Donald Trump tells Billy Bush about his rights as a “star” to sexually assault women. 

Carlson says that NBC wasn’t successful in swaying the election, and that’s what the difference is. 


To Tucker Carlson, I say (as calmly as I can):  No Tucker, the difference here is that Donald Trump was bragging about sexually assaulting women where as Hillary Clinton had used a public email server, like Mike Pence does, and like many other politicians both democratic and republican do. One was bragging about crimes against women, and the other was a hostile foreign government taking nothing unusual, and twisting it into something criminal.

Mr. Tucker, if you do not instinctually understand that easily distinguishable difference, you are as much of a danger to women’s rights as the Wall Street asshole (and his asshole friends who egged him on), who thought it was funny to dry hump the “Fearless Girl” statue, (a statue of a 9 or 10 year old girl), in front of a crowd of tourists who had gathered to see the new statue. 

Here is a better look at his face—

The difference between Russian hacking, and releasing an audio tape…really? Why do I have to explain this? A hostile foreign government interfering and twisting something regularly done into propaganda, with the intent of swaying the election, versus an audio tape of a candidate for the presidency of the United States of America, bragging about sexually assaulting women…It’s just different. 

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