Trivia and Trivius

January 4, 2017 – according to the National Day Calendar is— “National Trivia Day!” That is trivia in itself, but wait, there’s more…

Trivia (Latin) is the feminine form of Trivius and a derivative of Trivium, which is a place where three roads meet.

In Roman Mythology, Trivia was the goddess of the crossroads and was said to haunt crossroads and graveyards.

My attempts to find Trivius in Roman Mythology took more time than I told myself was worth the search, as such, I decided to assign him to “God of Triple A” otherwise known as AAA Motor Club…

who (more trivia) answered my call for help within minutes when I locked the keys of a rental car, along with my purse and brain (three things) in the trunk. 


<a href=””>Crossing</a&gt;

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