Poor Ryan 

“Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.” ~ Victor Hugo

Thirty two is an age when a grown man should know how to act in public.

Ryan Lochte, American competitive swimmer and twelve time Olympic medalist hasn’t finished paying the tab for his drunken last night in Rio.

In case you’ve missed this story, after a night of drinking Ryan Lochte and three teammates, James Feigen 26, Jack Conger 20, and Gunnar Bentz 21, vandalized a gas station, destroying a bathroom door, urinating on a wall, and pulling a sign off the wall… boys (men) being boys (drunk)… four big drunk entitled muscle heads—the world is their Animal House. After arguing with the security guard whose job it was to guard the security of the gas station, the matter was settled with a meager payment of about $55 cash to repair the damage. That isn’t the story though. 

Lochte told NBC’s Matt Lauer a version of the story in which he and his fellow Olympians were in a cab that was sideswiped and forced to pull over, at which point they were robbed at gunpoint by fake police. Being the author of this fairy tale, Lochte made himself the hero by adding that he was the only one to stand up to the attackers, only to have the gun cocked and put to his head, at which point he “was like whatever.” Victim, vandal — what’s the diff? Clearly Lochte is an idiot. 

Lochte backtracked only when it was clear he had no choice. He expressed remorse to his sponsors first, saying he is 110% sorry for his overexaggeration of the story. He was drunk, and may not have actually been robbed at gunpoint by Brazilian bandits, but there was a language barrier, and he isn’t sure what exactly happened, but he may have overexagerated because he was drunk. 

I’m 110% sure that that overexageration is redundant, and it might not even be a word. I wonder if this inability to take responsibility, which seems to be prevalent among white male swimmers, has something to do with chlorine levels in pools, or could it be that in order to reduce their swim times they are encouraged not to breathe, and by missing out on much needed restorative breaths, they deprive their brains of oxygen…are they suffering from hypoxia? Maybe. What ever it is, it’s not their fault. 

Speedo, Polo Ralph Lauren, Airweave Mattress Company, and Gentle Hair Removal, as of today are all benefiting from the free publicity provided by the act of dropping Lochte’s endorsement deals. Cha-ching. 

This whole episode brings to mind Brock Turner, the Stanford swimming rapist who showed a similar level of non-remorse when he blamed intoxication for his rape of an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. I say rather than blaming intoxication, we blame a society that lets this kind of behavior slide.


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6 thoughts on “Poor Ryan 

  1. Thanks for that post! Unfortunately Ryan Lochte is one of the reasons why the world hates Americans. I wondered the same thing, what would have happened if a black athlete from Africa or a Muslim athlete from the Middle East would have done something like that. Why do the White privileged males always get away with it?

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