“Tourists”— must be said with disdain. They’re so happy. I must push past a blockade of them to get to work, as they take in the view, enjoying my city while I work. They do what I would do if I could, with their ignorance of our manners and customs, unaware of the insults and injuries they inflict. We don’t make clicking sounds to get someone’s attention. We value personal space, not standing up against the person in front of us in line. We do not touch people whom we don’t know to get their attention. We say: may I, please, thank you. 

“Tourist” —should be said with some reverence: They spend money fueling our economy. They are here because they are interested in learning about this part of the world. They are open to understanding our customs. Their habits are a result of their own culture, and not intended to offend. If we take the time to speak with one, we might learn something of value too. 

Are tourists people too?

June 29, 2016, One Word Daily Post: Tourist~ <a href=””>Tourist</a&gt;

One thought on “Tourisme

  1. Here in Florida, we get the tourists in the summer, the snow birds in the winter and the college kids at spring break. Luckily, they tend to gravitate to the beach, which I do not…..but I feel your pain. Chicago is such a great city, though.

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