Just Between You And Me

Oh, I can keep a secret. My head is swimming with confidences. I find more often than not, that these secrets are told to everyone, with the tag line “just between you and me”, so that the recipient of the dish will feel special.

In one such instance, and with no encouragement what so ever, someone bent my ear for hours, starting with “just between you and me”, and ending with “I know I can trust you”. Two days later I got a phone call from another friend who said she spoke to the person with the “secret”. The person with the secret said, I can’t believe Lydia didn’t fill you in! I thought you were friends, and then proceeded to purge the beans.

Obviously this person is confused. I’ll clear it up for everyone right now:

When you tell someone something in confidence, it should be limited to persons authorized to use the information. To say “between you and me” implies that YOU and ME are the only two authorized to hold this information. This is not supposed to be shared information with anyone, not even friends.

This is why I keep my private thoughts to myself- or posted in my blog.
Sep 7, 2014
Locked and Sealed
Can you keep a secret? Have you ever — intentionally or not — spilled the beans (when you should’ve stayed quiet)?

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