The long awaited trip was finally happening. Work, money or schedules, there has always been an excuse to postpone it. I haven’t gone on a vacation in nine years; that trip nine years ago was only a three day get away with the kids. Still married at that time, we fought endlessly. It was miserable.

This is going to be a nice trip for me, well deserved according to my sister. She is the benefactor of this excursion, and occupies the adjoining room. She likes to sleep in and hasn’t come down yet this morning.

I am on the remote island of — in the South Pacific and the weather could not be more beautiful. Not a cloud in the azure sky, and not a ripple of movement in the translucent water. I have all I need for a lovely, relaxing morning.

The young cabana boy has delivered my tray of delicacies: sweet ripe island grown fruit with yogurt, fresh warm buttery chocolate chip croissants, hot pressed coffee with real cream and raw sugar, small carafes of assorted juices set next to the tropical flowers on my lovely breakfast table. Time to eat. I put down my book and get off my lounge chair. I seat myself at the table under the cabana and load my plate with deliciousness. I pour coffee.

I see two local children playing hacky sack down at the edge of the water. It’s amazing to me how they amuse themselves with a little bead filled ball for so long. I consider how many electronic devices my children always claim to need to occupy themselves at home. They and their electronics are spending the week with their dad. I see other occupants up and down the shore. Couples of all ages mostly, a few families. I wonder if I’ll ever be part of a couple again as I bite into a cube of watermelon.

Something changes and I feel off, strange. The peacefulness I felt seconds ago is suddenly a memory as irrational fear overcomes me. I look at the sky, now a blanket of darkness as the wind picks up taking the canopy with it. I am hit on top of my head with I don’t know what. I look up and a stinging blow hits my forehead breaking the skin. I feel hot sticky blood run down my face as my arms wrap around my head. It’s hail. I am battered with huge chunks of ice pounding my skin raw. The world is spinning as I stumble toward the main building of the hotel.

I open my eyes and taste sand. Laid out on the ground I force myself to get up and run. I pound on the doors and windows of the hotel that are now barricaded, covered with boards and locked. How did this happen so fast? I look around and see that I am completely alone. The beach is deserted. Where is everyone? The ocean has come alive and it roars as the sky booms, lighting up every few seconds.

I make my way around the building looking for another way in. A huge fish slaps me on the back of my shoulder. It writhes on the ground as another comes from the sky barely missing my now huddled mass.Then it comes, a torrent of fish, some hit their mark, but I am able to avoid most. Then the water pours over me. I am swept away swallowing water trying to keep my chin up and avoid the furniture and debris that pass me by. I am heading for a palm tree and quickly Reach out to grasp it. I cling to it for dear life and wait for this to end. This too shall pass…

* Thanks Zoe for your art.
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Daily Prompt:
Sudden Shifts
You’re at the beach with some friends and/or family, enjoying the sun, nibbling on some watermelon. All of a sudden, within seconds, the weather shifts and hale starts descending form the sky. Write a post about what happens next.
If you need visual inspiration, this happened last week in Russia]


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