Inner Turbulence

This morning I received two emails simultaneously.

One was from the daily post – the email I look for at 7am everyday with a writing prompt.

The other was from Angie’s List -offering home improvement bargains.

Strangely the two were almost interchangeable today:

“$99 for Sewer Rodding and Televising, With Drain Cleaning”

Did I just read that right? Televise my sewer rodding? Let’s read on –

“Service uses an electric power rod and cutter blade
Televising allows you to see live footage of your sanitary sewer line, including blockages, decay, separation, and broken pipes”

I’ll refrain from commenting until I show you the other email:

Jul 16, 2014
A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?

Does anyone else see that this is the same deal?

I don’t want to hear your inner thoughts about me,
I don’t want to watch the inside of my sewer lines on the ultimate reality show. Isn’t there enough crap on tv?

No thanks to both.

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