Little Zoe

My Facebook post one year ago:

“17 years ago today, I was on the tail end of 48 hours of labor, which culminated in the birth of a healthy girl (sans the drugs I repeatedly begged for).

While I’m so thankful every day for my little Zoe (who steals my eyeliner), I believe I deserve all the well wishes on this, the anniversary of the day that she finally released my uterus from active duty.”

Today my firstborn is 18. She has been looking forward to this day all year because she has many choices today that she didn’t have yesterday:

  • Adopt an animal
  • Buy a lottery tickes
  • Skydive
  • Drive any time of day (no curfew!)
  • Buy tobacco
  • Change her name
  • Get a tattoo
  • Get piercings
  • Get married
  • Gamble
  • Enlist in the military
  • Move out of mother units house
  • Go to an adult jail
  • Be convicted as an adult
  • See a doctor on her own (privately)
  • Rent a port-a-potty
  • Lease an apartment
  • Work practically anywhere
  • Buy nitrous oxide
  • Make her own decisions
  • Have the freedom and independence she didn’t have before

As you can see Peter Parker, what Voltaire said holds:


I only hope and pray that you heard some of what I’ve said these past 18 years.

You will always be my original baby. I’m still here for you. I love you.

Happy 18th Birthday Zoe!

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