A Pirate’s Pillar Buoy

I bob in the briny deep, a pillar buoy, lighted, a beacon meant ta guide souls in ships ta careen from the black abyss. “Ahoy, safe water lies ahead!” I’d say if I could speak. Me presence alone is me voice. I ’s thar hope. ‘Twere such as this tussle started. If ye were payin … Continue reading A Pirate’s Pillar Buoy

He Guessed Me Age

This here is a follow up post ta me last post “What do you weigh…100 lbs?” Taday I feel like speekin’ pirate. Art Credit: EZE Me ship became a man o war when a weighed anchor were hoisted from the mizzen bi a crew o’ scurvy dogs. Unbeknownst ta them this wench be literate equipped … Continue reading He Guessed Me Age

Give Me Liberty!

Now that the pandemic has been canceled, and people are out and about, what do we do with all the masks that so few people are wearing? I thought perhaps a patchwork quilt to cover corpses might be nice. Pandemic protesters have gotten their fresh tattoos, had their nails manicured and hairs cut; they’ve had … Continue reading Give Me Liberty!

Fer Me Wee’est Spawn’s High School Gradeation Dey

T’ be youngest yer blessed and yer cursed Tho loose lips claim bein’ middle’s worst Yer ma’s big regret: Years swabbin’ the deck Fer time’s cruel, and can ne'er be reversed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Give no quarter to tricks nature plays Ye’ll be me laddie all o’ yer days Wi’ yer sea legs on Heave ho, chase … Continue reading Fer Me Wee’est Spawn’s High School Gradeation Dey

The Star Ye Wisht On

The Star Ye Wisht On – A lot from Lydia Missteps faux pas and blunders Fer me make no mistake They're a part of life ye can't avoid Both bad and good ye take T'ain't what the star ye wisht on Had promised as it fell Setbacks bills work and heartaches It does feel rather … Continue reading The Star Ye Wisht On

A Limerick for My Baby

Twenty one years ago today On a hot humid summer's day Zoe landed on earth (Yes—some call it birth) 'Twas done in a quite painful way                                 ~ *Fair Warning ⚠️ details of the story: Are, well... indecorous and gory … Continue reading A Limerick for My Baby