Gabbard is No Ralph Nader, She’s off on the Right Shoulder

Tulsi Gabbard is the Republican’s Democratic nominee for president of the United States. If it walks like a duck, etc, it's a Republican. Gabbard has represented Hawaii in Congress since 2012 and recently announced that she will not seek reelection because she plans to focus on her presidential run. That is some commitment considering she … Continue reading Gabbard is No Ralph Nader, She’s off on the Right Shoulder

Like Hillary, Plato Warned Us

The more things change, the more they stay the same. ~Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr Nothing written today hasn’t been written before, and written more eloquently. Nothing is original, so what is my point? Bare with me, because by the end of this post I may have a point. Politics is a tangled web of self-serving duplicity … Continue reading Like Hillary, Plato Warned Us

“We Have a World…”

"I never understood wind, I know windmills very much, I've studied them more than anybody...tremendous fumes, gases are spewing into the atmosphere, you know we have a world, the world is tiny compared to the universe.." ~Our beloved IMPOTUS Those words of wisdom and all of tRump’s statements regarding windmills sparked my interest. He is … Continue reading “We Have a World…”

Dear Colin (Firth)

(I love Colin Firth. Don't, “Yeah, me too,” me, because I love, love him. I love him enough that I forgive him, his long marriage to someone whose name is similar to mine, and who's general appearance mirrors mine, from a great distance, if you squint hard. And once that person, who is not me, … Continue reading Dear Colin (Firth)

Sixth Democratic Debate

The sixth Democratic presidential primary debate was held Thursday, December 19, in Los Angeles- last night. We are down to seven candidates. The demographics are as follows: two women, one non-white male, and four white male candidates. There are several other candidates, who did not qualify for last night's debate, still running. The requirements were … Continue reading Sixth Democratic Debate