Bus Stop

   Ethereal morning vapors ascend from a tiny lake in a wooded environ—a frequent  haven for ducks, and the view from the spot where a school bus stops to pick up my contribution.  _____________________________ April 20, 2016, Daily One Word Post: Fog~ <a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/fog/">Fog</a>

Surviving Youth

Looking back on a time whenI was young and aliveSelf destructive and reckless yetSomehow I survivedEndless parties that started onlyWhen you arrivedFuelled on excess drink and poisons Of which you thrivedMy own life didn't begin Until I contrivedTo divest myself of you And not feel deprivedThose memories not happyBut filled with heartacheLost youth that was wastedOn you- my misguided … Continue reading Surviving Youth