Trump, the NRA, and Relativity… a limerick

Trump's tweet begs your consideration Empty words are his palliation Shooting epidemic Clearly symptomatic NRA — pre-paid obligations ~ $30 mill for Stable G to be bribed Stay the course- the NRA contrived "New" age 21 Semi-machine-gun (FYI) To rent a car you must be 25 ____________________ <a href="">Assay</a>

Another Manafort Indictment… limerick

In Virginia there's been some excitement A newly issued Grand Jury indictment Against Paul Manafort And Rick Gates, per report By Special Counsel— Trump's "witch-hunt" amendment ~ BREAKING NEWS: The felons, this time around, Committed tax, and bank fraud, Mueller found, Give a round of applause There IS probable cause To presume even these crimes … Continue reading Another Manafort Indictment… limerick