A Sunday Feel Good Story

Florida Republican Representative, Matt D(UI) Gaetz, was assaulted outside town hall meeting. A woman violently tossed a beverage at his back. Reports have surfaced that the cup may have contained ice, no word yet on whether the offering was cubed or crushed. — Read on http://www.wfla.com/amp/news/florida/florida-congressman-assaulted-outside-town-hall-meeting-in-pensacola/2045575639

Hopelet— A Soliloquy

Hope Hicks Left the White House. Now She Must Decide Whether to Talk to Congress. To comply, or not to comply, the New York Times' question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer Orange blobs and Russian mobs of outrageous cleptocracy, Or to take arms against a sea of Congress And by opposing end … Continue reading Hopelet— A Soliloquy

Trump’s Tariffs Goal Met

Putin has been paid another installment on his investment in Trump, the gift that keeps on giving. Any question over the reasoning behind Trump’s additional tariffs, the consequences of which will force more farmers into bankruptcy, has been answered. Trump gave Putin the US trade agreement with China. China canceled its trade agreement with the … Continue reading Trump’s Tariffs Goal Met

Orange is the New Transparency

The Mueller report puts the suggestion of impeachment, based on obstruction, in the hands of Congress. Donald Trump is responding to the fallout of the report by obstructing justice more brazenly. “We’re fighting all the subpoenas. The Democrats are trying to win 2020... and they’re not going to win against me.” Donald Trump 4/24/2019 He … Continue reading Orange is the New Transparency

Congressman Massie Receives Honorary Certificate

This story ties in to my post yesterday so well that I’d be a fool not to exploit it: Yes, this is the dumbest 'must watch' moment in congressional history. (Notice the superfluous fool on the right.) This is an epic moment in stupidity. 👇🏼 YouTube Is This the Dumbest Moment in Congressional History? (R/KY) … Continue reading Congressman Massie Receives Honorary Certificate

Ass Clown Certification-

Yesterday a news story headline caught my eye: ‘Two certified ass clowns’: Matt Gaetz humiliated on Twitter after proclaiming Devin Nunes ‘will become the hunter’ ‘Two certified ass clowns’: Matt Gaetz humiliated on Twitter after proclaiming Devin Nunes ‘will become the hunter’ Who knew 'ass clowns' had to be certified? Not I. A quick online … Continue reading Ass Clown Certification-