Flown Back to Roost, a limerick

Though hatched, grown, and given the boot
Three birds have returned to the roost
Like chicks newly hatched
Starved, equally matched
Regurgitated worm, the desired loot
Happy to see them in the same room
Contentment, laughter, then kaboom
Behavior quite fowl
High pitched squawks, low growls
These “adults” came out of my womb!
“Mom! Mom! Mom!” Voiced from… everywhere
“She said…” “He won’t…” “The car isn’t there!”
What the flock happened?
My chipper bird-pen
“Mom! Mom! Mom!” Is my nom de guerre

2 thoughts on “Flown Back to Roost, a limerick

  1. The best revenge: I have friends who, after all the kids moved out, moved also. Guess what? House has no spare bedrooms! Bummer. So sorry, kids. 😈
    Merry Christmas to you and your spawn, Lydia. 🎄

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