Time for Sweet Justice

Brett Kavanaugh, a man credibly accused of sexual assault, (not sexual harassment,) by more than one woman has had a seat in the Supreme Court of the United States since 2018. Kavanaugh should never have been confirmed, for more than one reason.

As was typical when Republicans had the majority in Congress, there was a rush to confirm. In the case of Kavanaugh, the majority GOP was never interested in holding confirmation hearings, only in confirming a pliable conservative before Robert Mueller completed his investigation. That was in the days before the report was subverted by then-Attorney General Bill Barr.

Republicans didn’t care about the 83 complaints that had been filed against Kavanaugh: complaints ranging from his treatment of a pregnant teen to one filed during the confirmation hearings, by Larry Behrendt, a retired attorney. Behrendt had been shocked by Kavanaugh’s behavior during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s questioning, particularly his claim that the accusations levied against him were of no merit, but rather the work of a vast, far-left, secret left-wing cabal, masterminded by senators such as Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and motivated by “revenge on behalf of the Clintons.” According to the complaint, by making those statements, Kavanaugh violated the “Judicial Conduct and Disability Act,” passed by Congress in 1980 which labels such “inappropriately partisan statements,” as illegal misconduct.


Not to worry, Squee, a federal panel of judges dismissed all 83 ethics complaints following his confirmation. Chief Judge Tim Tymkovich, of the 10th Circuit, admitted the complaints were serious but said the lower court was obligated to dismiss them because it had no authority over Supreme Court Justices. Kavanaugh landed himself a lifetime appointment that rendered him untouchable— almost. He can be impeached.

Kavanaugh’s behavior reminded me of another powerful man accused of sexual assault. If you’ve seen footage of Gail King’s interview with rapper R Kelly, when asked about the ten accusations against him, of raping young girls, Kelly’s behavior mirrored Kavanaugh’s. Irritability, anger, shouting, and crying are not behaviors a person applying for a job should exhibit, nor should a candidate for the SCOTUS. These are the behaviors of a cornered criminal.

Kavanaugh also spoke defensively of his long-term relationship with beer. He repeated said he likes it, but I think it’s love. He often turned questions around and asked the Senators to answer the same question they asked him.

“Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.”

Dr. Kristen Blasey Ford’s life changed when she came forward to tell her story. She has said she was “not prepared for the venom.” Death threats were made against her and her family, which forced several moves, and at times separation from her family. She had been terrorized enough to warrant full-time security, draining family finances. Blasey Ford wasn’t the only woman to come forward with accusations, but she was the only one who was listened to— before being dismissed.

The FBI ended their background check of Kavanaugh before they completed it. More people came forward wanting to offer information regarding his alleged sexual assaults, but their calls were ignored.

Who is Kavanaugh’s protector? At one point during the hearings, two men came forward, claiming they had attacked Dr. Blaise Ford, not Kavanaugh. They lied, but who put them up to it? Unlike others in the SCOTUS Kavanaugh had amassed a $270,000 debt. The debt vanished without a trace and we still haven’t learned who paid it. We haven’t learned because Republicans have held the majority in Congress and the White House, and they protect their own.

The times they are a-changing. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has asked our new Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate what happened with the FBI investigation. In a letter to Garland, Whitehouse mentions the witnesses who wanted to share their accounts with the FBI, but could not find anyone at the bureau who would accept their testimony. He wants to know why no one was assigned to accept or gather evidence.

Additionally, Kavanaugh may have lied several times during his confirmation, but whether or not those lies meet the high bar for perjury remains to be seen. This Supreme Court has lost credibility.

Three Supreme Court Justices were appointed during Trump’s single term in office. The last two were rushed through questionably.

Attorney-General Garland has a lot on his plate, and he has said the attack on the Capitol will be his priority. The amount of corruption in our government is staggering, and who knows, the investigation into the events of January 6, could lead to the discovery of the identity of Brett Kavanaugh’s benefactor. Stranger things have happened.

Five Times Brett Kavanaugh Appears to Have Lied to Congress While Under Oath




4 thoughts on “Time for Sweet Justice

  1. It is shameful that a privileged little punk like Brett Cavanaugh was ever even considered for the SCOTUS. You can see what a spoiled little punk he was/is and that he just believes that the seat was made for him. Unfortunately, we support Democrats and I don’t see them removing this pig from the bench. Let’s face it, Joe Biden was the chair of the judiciary committee when the predator Clarence Thomas was placed on the bench! Yes, a democrat, Joe Biden, helped put this conservative pig on the SCOTUS so whatever thoughts you have/had about “Sweet Revenge” on Cavanaugh should be tempered by an expectation of disappointment.

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    1. I agree and I try not to get my hopes up because, as you said, Democrats typically don’t fight back. Having a bigger majority in Congress would help.

      I also agree that Biden has made more than one bad choice in his long career and Clarence Thomas tops the list. That said, he sponsored the violence against women act in 1994, and I don’t think anyone could have improved on his first 100 days. He has surprised me.

      Merrick Garland has a lot on his plate. My fingers are crossed that we’ll see some justice in government soon.


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