It’s Time Impeachment Goes Public

The GOP has fought relentlessly to stop an inevitable conclusion to what will prove to be the most corrupt presidency in US history. They’ve used various arguments against impeachment, citing the Democratic majority’s failure to hold a vote on whether or not an inquiry should even take place.

Although a vote for that early phase of the proceedings was not required, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mollified Republicans and held a vote. The result was two-fold. The vote was that yes, impeachment inquiries should begin, and also that Republicans should think of something else to complain about.

The GOP did just that, and the new talking point became the “secretive” questioning of witnesses. This argument drew media attention when Florida, Rep Matt Gaetz, was asked to leave the private interviews because he was only there to disrupt the hearing and intimidate witnesses. He didn’t have a right to be there, because he was not a member of any of the three committees involved. Over 40 Republicans were, but Gaetz didn’t mention that. He went back the following day with two dozen friends who barged into the private hearing and refused to leave. They ordered pizza and held a press conference. Yes, they did.

A transcript released last week, of those proceedings when Gaetz and friends barged in, was a lesson in what happens when one plays against opponents who are beyond one’s skill level. Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff’s response:

“We’ll wait until Mr. Gaetz leaves before we begin. I do want to say that this dilatory tactic will come out of the minority’s time for questioning.” ~Schiff

And as promised, he docked their time.

Gaetz had not only orchestrated the interruption to deflect attention from the information offered by witness Fiona Hill, but he was also attempting to paint POTUS 45 as a victim of unscrupulous “secret” proceedings.

A wish has come true for Matt Gaetz, because public impeachment hearings begin tomorrow, November 13.

Matt’s efforts mirrored 45’s argument and had the result they said they wanted, witnesses questioned in public impeachment hearings. Some people are never happy. Now DT says the proceedings should not be public— be careful what you wish for.

“They shouldn’t be having public hearings. This is a hoax,” ~Trump 

In the meantime, Don Jr, Russian TV, and others have published the name of the whistleblower, putting him and his family at risk.

Incidentally, the whistleblower’s claims have been corroborated by

    Several career diplomats and ambassadors,
    The traitor’s own Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney on live television
    US Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, etc
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent

Several who have testified have been subjected to death threats, and other witnesses refuse to testify because AG Bill Barr and 45 have told them not to.

First to testify on Wednesday will be:

  • Top diplomat to Ukraine, William Taylor, testified in the preliminary hearings that 45’s abettors made it clear to Ukraine that military aid was contingent on Ukraine investigating Biden.
  • State Department official, George Kent, testified about Giuliani’s efforts to pressure Ukraine.

And on Friday we’ll see:

  • Marie Yovanovitch, former Ambassador to Ukraine, who testified during preliminary inquiries that she was lost her job on 45’s orders to the State Department.

The official response from GOP senators is that they plan to ignore the impeachment. These are the same politicians who refused to read the Mueller report, and who refuse to read the transcripts from 45’s call to Ukraine’s President. By staying uninformed they will be able to feign ignorance.

The world will be watching tomorrow, and I for one plan to follow along, popcorn in hand, with the BBC. They are far enough removed that they can offer the most honest reporting, and they’re less likely to fall for new GOP distractions.

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