Republicans in Kentucky, like those in Wisconsin, Georgia, and North Carolina, Decry the Will of Voters

Google ”Wisconsin sore loser,” and the face of Scott Walker pops up. 👇🏼

The former Wisconsin Governor who lost, his seat and then his head to a Democratic political opponent in 2018, metaphorically burned the office down on his way out. He changed laws during his lame-duck period, to disempower his state’s next Governor, Tony Evers.


Pre-election polls in Kentucky predicted GOP Governor, Matt Bevin, would lose his bid for reelection this week, and he did.

That doesn’t mean he’ll let this go. Bevin is refusing to concede, citing unspecified “irregularities.” While unwilling to offer examples, he has asked the Secretary of State to ”recanvass” votes.

“The people of Kentucky deserve a fair and honest election. With reports of irregularities, we are exercising the right to ensure that every lawful vote was counted,” ~Davis Paine, (Bevin’s campaign manager)

Recanvassing is not an official recount. It is a review of voter machine tallies looking for inconsistancies. Recanvassing has never changed the outcome of a Kentucky election, but Republicans have never played this dirty before.

If the review does not turn up enough votes to change the outcome of the election, Bevin could choose to petition for a recount within ten days, but he’d have to pay for it. Bevin may not need to resort to using dark money to fund a recount. Why?

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers says his office, not the voters, could decide the outcome of the race. Stivers, a Republican, argues that the third-party candidate, who received 2% of the vote, pilfered those votes that would have gone the GOP candidate. In other words, had it been a two-party race, Bevin would have won.

Kentucky’s state constitution provides that:

“Contested elections for Governor and Lieutenant Governor shall be determined by both Houses of the General Assembly, according to such regulations as may be established by law.”

Be that as it may, or may not be, if we’re going to use this argument, Jill Stein’s votes would have gone to Hillary, and since she already really won, WTFlip is Trump doing in the White House?

The Kentucky State Board of Elections is currently scheduled to meet on Nov. 21 to certify election results. The recanvass should be finished by Nov. 14.


Wisconsin was not the only state of discontent in 2018. There have been several cases of cheaters taking office office in recent years. (CoughTrump) Brian Kemp ran for governor while he was Secretary of State and abused the powers of that office, which include overseeing the state’s elections, to disenfranchise Democratic voters, particularly minorities, using a wide variety of tactics.

He threw out thousands of voter registrations; he closed polling stations in Democratic districts, forcing those voters to travel a distance that was too difficult for many; those precincts he kept open had an inadequate number of working machines, making for long lines that many could not endure.

Another successful cheater who took office in 2018, North Carolina Republican Congressman Mark Harris, who “beat” Democrat Dan McCready by only 905 votes, stands accused of voter suppression and fraud. Among those allegations is a claim that an individual working for Harris’ campaign coordinated an effort to collect and fill in, or destroy, ballots of Democratic voters. The State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement has affidavits and sworn statements from voters who claim people came to their doors and urged them to hand over their absentee ballots, sometimes without filling them out. Others received absentee ballots by mail that they had not requested.


Whose face appears if you google: ”Arizona sore loser?” 🤔👇🏼

Now, wanna-be corrupt Republican politician, Dr. Kelli Ward of Arizona, proposes manipulating the voting system in a new way that would garner a win for Republicans like her, regardless of the will of voters.

What she suggests is gerrymandering on steroids— electoral college for States.

The GOP’s threat to democracy is real.

What just happened in Kentucky?

Scott Walker’s Sore-Loser Scheme

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