Felonious Trump

Established in three days, three reports

Don Jr., Erik Prince, Roger Stone— three cohorts

All lied to Congress

But none are distressed

Will this federal felon gang go to Court?


White House Lawyer Crashes FBI Meeting on Trump-Russia Investigation

Emmet Flood, Trump’s personal lawyer,

On Capital Hill for his employer

Made an appearance

Sans Security clearance

A Trump treason reconnoiter


The DOJ presenting evidence

Gowdy, Kelly, Ryan— in arrogance

Devin Nunes and Flood

The recused and a stud

Cassified security briefing— interference


Nunes “recused himself” after his midnight run

But then designed on ‘Comey memo’ fun

He has perseverance

It gives the appearance

Of obstructing justice… to name one.


Who Is Jack Johnson and Why Did Donald Trump Grant Him a Posthumous Pardon?

Meanwhile Trump has set a precedent

A posthumous pardon… it’s relevance?

This first black heavyweight

Boxing champ— morte, the late

Conviction? trafficking… the elephant?


Elephants in the room, there are two

(1) Trump’s pedophile pal Epstein’s who

Ran Lolita express,

Trump an esteemed guest,

His redacted FBI files open for public view


FBI — Jeffrey Epstein


(2) ‘Trump Models’, you may recall

Closed in a cloud of concern, overall

The general thought

Young girls were brought

From overseas and whored out. Appalled?~~~

Almost 1,500 Migrant Children Placed in Homes by the U.S. Government Went Missing Last Year

One last story, that’s also twofold

Migrant children were “lost” in ICE hold

1475 souls

Into a black hole

Admitting, to traffickers, they may have sold


ICE Plans to Start Destroying Records of Immigrant Abuse, Including Sexual Assault and Deaths in Custody

The boldest move Trump has ordered yet

ICE to shred docs of sex abuse and death

This and the missing

Allegation dismissing

Trump’s is an administration history will never forget.


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