A Twitter ❤️ Love Story

“Unbelievably Comey” didn’t enjoy

My breath on his cheek, he was being coy

I could take it that far

Because I’m a star

Is this harassing those whom I employ?

The book Comey wrote is under my skin

Nothing’s been right since I hired Flynn

Comey wouldn’t let it go

Clearly he doesn’t know

Who I am…watch this story I spin—

Comey throws AG Lynch “under the bus”

I don’t know how, but I heard it on Fox

They’ve got me excited

I won’t be indicted

Tell me James, is our love really lost?

“I never asked Comey for loyalty”

I just wanted to hold him as you can see

I took my chances

He rebuffed my advances

Took the first opportunity to flee

Slippery James Comey is a tall man

I tried to impress him with my orange tan

Pulled him to my face

For a “manly” embrace

It was over before it began



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