My Birthday Gift to Me “A Higher Loyalty”

Trump is in the news. 🙄

When I find my self struggling to keep my head above water in a Trump news tsunami, and since I write pro bono, (I need to unionize), I typically impeach it all (good word), write a quick limerick, and call it a day.

Today is special—

It’s Friday the 13th… will it be a bad luck day for dotard? Lately, they are all bad days for dotard, so I’m going with— yes.

But, more importantly, today is my birthday (I’m over 30.😉) and I’d like an indictment please.

CNN has uncovered an organized RNC plot to aggressively attack the credibility of Republican Patriot, and former FBI Director, James Comey.

The GOP is a bit terror-stricken, because James Comey’s book, A Higher Loyaltywill be released on April 17th. This I can confirm because, with the GOP’s “lyin Comey” blitz, I decided to buy myself a birthday present.

I pre-ordered a copy of James Comey’s book, A Higher Loyalty,” on AMAZON- to be delivered by AMAZON’s “delivery boy” USPS on April 17th. Even if the pages are blank, it’s money well spent, because this book has unhinged Trump beyond his typical spaz*.

*derived from the Greek spastikos

The publication of Comey’s book, A Higher Loyalty,” isn’t the only reason Trump is panicking. This Sunday James Comey’s interview on ABC’s 20/20 with George Stephanopoulos will air. Apparently Comey does not mince words, and those present at the taping were left in shock.

Trump is a liar, and by the way, he’s a liar. We knew that… but there’s more to be revealed on Sunday, and on the 17th when the book, “A Higher Loyalty “, by James Comey, is released.

Thanks to CNN, Trump’s part in the defamation blitz has gone flaccid before it started. He’s predictable.

In summation, on Sunday, I will be watching James Comey’s 20/20 interview, then on April 17th, I await Amazon’s “delivery boy,” who will gift me a copy of James Comey’s book, A Higher Loyalty. We shall discuss this further.

Now, that limerick…

Mr Mueller, if you need enticement

It’s my birthday, I’d like an indictment

Any crime you pick

The charges will stick

Regardless we’ll have some excitement


If any one book could coax Trump to read

“A Higher Loyalty” would do the deed

17th, the date

Said book circulates

But, since Fox News “briefs” Trump, there’s no need


Did I mention the name of the book?

A Higher Loyalty ” by James Comey


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14 thoughts on “My Birthday Gift to Me “A Higher Loyalty”

  1. First of all, Lydia, Happy Birthday! Interestingly enough, I have a sister and two sisters-in-law who were actually born on Friday 13th (different months)! As a Canadian, it is interesting (and scary) to hear all the fighting and finger-pointing “next door”. Our Prime Minister has been in the hot seat lately; however, not to the same degree as your president – and he doesn’t let it play out on Twitter! I think I might just order that book myself to quench my curiosity. 🙂

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