Someone Seems Stressed 😬 …a poem

Several news items have now come to pass

All pertain to Trump, the potus jackass,

Andrew McCabe, whom Herr Trump ordered fired

Only two days before he could have retired,

Penned detailed memos— a Trump play by play

Dating back before Comey’s discharge day

Trump can’t win a war fought against the Feds

Poke this bear… you’re metaphorically dead

This man, Trump Attorney John Dowd,

Demands the Justice Department shutdown

Bob Mueller’s investigation

For boss man Trump’s palliation

Oops, that’s obstruction… This guy’s a lawyer?

Recant time— he’s pissed off his employer

Trump is witless, and witness tampering

Attempts to discredit are staggering

Fox News has a strange foretelling insight

Reported news HOURS BEFORE it was right

House intel closed their faux investigation

Into Trump/Russia- “found no collusion”

No shock, the outcome was Nunes at work

Below, word from members kept in the dark

Cambridge Analytica, Mercer funded firm,

Worked with Russia, Kushner, and Facebook we have learned—

Breaking: Breaking: Channel 4 News just disclosed they’ve been undercover at Cambridge Analytica filming, they will be releasing footage over the next few days.

A few more thoughts for the day, then I’ll publish this post

These days are trying Trump’s orange black empty soul most—

Jake Tapper was told, by GOP Senator Lindsey Graham

If Trump fires Mueller… remember that boy’s finger in the dam?

“If he tried to do that,

that would be the beginning

of the end of his presidency.

We are a rule-of-laws nation. “

Beg to differ, The beginning of the end was the beginning.

How much more will the GOP allow? “So much winning.”


It’s Sunday and that means Trump is golfing on our dime

It’s okay, soon enough he’ll be doing hard time.


<a href=””>Patience</a&gt;

3 thoughts on “Someone Seems Stressed 😬 …a poem

  1. I entirely agree. Catchee catchee slowly monkey. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they will eventually unearth everything this man has done that contravenes the law.

    Mueller is the man with the character and moral standing to dig up the dirt on Trump. I admire his investigation for completely staying stuhm in terms of how it is proceeding, and I think it is this above all that is unnerving the media-freak Trump.

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