Trump Can Pardon, So What’s the Point?

Not knowing makes for a good nights sleep. (Ignorance is bliss.) I should never read. I recently read a disquieting article, so ominous, I stayed up all night researching the subject.

My studies left me with no doubt, the conclusion is incontrovertible. Donald J(Jackass) Trump can pardon any American citizen, before trial, after trial, inside, outside, upside down, inside out… he can pardon any American citizen at any point. (<period) Trump practiced this super power by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was guilty of criminal contempt of court. It worked.

Trump’s ability to pardon any American citizen means even he himself sits dry under that big black umbrella.

So what’s the point of all this then? Why are we waiting with bated breath for the Mueller/Russia investigation to get the bad guys… for the last dominoes to fall?

I consider the implications. If I, (not an attorney), can easily access this information we can bet any idiot in Trump’s camp knows it as well and has passed on the information to him. (Perhaps in the form of an easy to understand pop-up picture book.)

Although Potus Trump’s behavior has always defied logic, this does explain the cocky arrogance of both Don Jr (“we didn’t meet with Russians”, “we met with them but about adoptions”, “we met with them about sanctions, but not Hillary”, we met with them to get dirt on Hillary, but nothing happened”, “it’s a hoax”, “it’s not a hoax, but there was no collusion”…) and Jared D(Doesn’tTalkDueToHeliumVoice)Kushner. They know they have (a trump card), a presidential pardon in their back pockets, regardless of the suspect legitimacy of said president.

The 13 Russian nationals recently indicted are not pardonable, as they are not US citizens, so they may as well get settled and form a prison clique.

If all is hopeless, 😩 why isn’t Robert Mueller a rocket scientist instead of a Fed? He could have been a neurosurgeon. He’s tall, couldn’t he have played professional basketball? Why dedicate your life’s work to an ill fated proposition?

Hold onto your spray tan nozzle, because Robert Mueller knows the law better than most. He certainly knows it better than my sensei— Google. This is what he does, and according to my sensei— Google, he’s the best there is. While Donald Trump knows the In-N-Out Burger, Robert Mueller understands the law, including the ins and outs of executive privilege.

As it happens, although Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, did commit a dizzying number of federal crimes— bank fraud, money laundering, RICO (organized crime), conspiracy against the US, “willfully and knowingly making false, fictitious and fraudulent statements (lying) to the FBI regarding conversations with Russia’s ambassador, treason, etc…,

they also committed State (I ❤️ NY) crimes, and guess what…

State crimes are NOT subject to executive clemency. (Snap.)

This explains the plea deals. So far George W(WoreAwire)Papadopoulos, and Michael L(LockHerup)Flynn, are on the copoperating with Mueller prison sentence plan. Now joining them, please welcome campaign staffer Rick S(ScrewManafort) Gates, pleading guilty for fraud and testifying against Paul N(NoChoiceLeftButPleaDeal) Manafort.

That makes four guilty pleas in the probe, and all four members of Trump’s team will offer testimony leading to Trump’s indictment.

That brings us to a grand total of 17 indictments so far, & still counting. This is traitor dominoes and after our patience, waiting as Mueller carefully works lining them up, we get to watch them fall. I recently heard an educated guess that, by the end of the investigation, 85 people will be indicted. That number is reasonable when you consider Nixon’s Watergate scandal resulted in the indictment of 69 people, with trials or pleas resulting in 48 being found guilty, many of whom were top Nixon officials.

Keep Calm and Google On.


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