Smile, Tiny Thumbs up

Trump is crumbling under the weight of Friday’s indictment of thirteen Russians, and the subsequent realization that this serves as proof that Russia did interfere with the 2016 presidential election on his behalf.

Whose side is he on anyway? You remember the sanctions against Russia… the ones Trump has failed to implement?

  • The House voted yes to sanctions against Russia 419-3
  • The Senate voted yes to sanctions against Russia 98-2

Trump chose Russia.

Donny is suffering this morning.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

I read “Never gotten over Obama.” My eyes go no further in this tweet, because Trump can not come to terms with the fact that we had a black president… who was twice elected by the American people, not by Putin.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

Trump as the schoolyard bully, name calling, taunting, and can’t spell little. He is responding to Representative Adam Schiff on CNN discussing the Russia indictment:

“The evidence is now overwhelming and unequivocal and we need to move to protect ourselves from Russian interference in elections that are coming up”

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

Here we have Trump denying his denial—

I never said that I never said that I never said that I never said…

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

And now back to— “But what about her emails?”

Trump also still can’t get over Hillary Clinton, who the majority of America voted for to be president.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

This tweet is correct. Moscow is laughing. The butt of the joke however is the dotard in chief. The moron, who doesn’t know when a smile and tiny thumbs up is inappropriate, tells America to “get smart.”

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

Trump is not getting enough credit for going to Florida and not golfing yesterday.

Somehow his response to the latest high school mass shooting is lacking.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

About those indictments, the only question remaining is whether Trump was one of the “unwitting participants,” mentioned, or one of the Americans who was fully aware of what was going on, but helped anyway.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

“No collusion,” but Jr, and Jared, and campaign chair Manafort, met with the same Russian lawyer who recruited a Swiss double agent.

Trump now says that in 2014 he wasn’t planning to run for president in the 2016 election, but he registered the ‘Make America Great Again’ trademark *in 2012.

Trump’s lies that can be disproven with his own tweets of the past, the next one is only a week old.

Trump told Russians he’d run for president when he was in Moscow in November 2013—and it was that declaration that led to the anti-U.S. campaign in early 2014.

In mid 2013, Trump’s attourney, Michael Cohen, established Trump was running.

13 Russians criminally charged for interfering in US election,

Mueller announced charges— conspiracy to defraud the US, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud and aggravated identity theft.

It’s happening Donny, and tweeting won’t stop it.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)


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