The Moral Compass of Trump and His Faux Christian Base

In his dystopian world

The fog filled sky

Emits a mist of piss

Heavy clouds

Excrete pelts of bullshit

That drop on unwitting

Witless souls whose own

Self doubt

Manifests as racism

God, they think it’s God, speaks to them

Through blondes and perverts

Reciting propaganda

On Fox


“Say Merry Christmas”

Fashion themselves


Pretend to pray

Evangelicals judging

Never consider

Their shortcomings


Six days and the pedophile fiend

Has not conceded his loss

The predatory potus

With no moral compass


Accused Democrats step down

Although he himself will not

He fashions himself


Pretend to pray

While he let

Children’s Health Insurance Program

Expire months ago

Holds it for ransom

Takes food and healthcare

From poor and elderly

To stuff

Already overflowing pockets

Fashions himself


Pretend to pray

He demands the return of his emails

Yet emails illegally hacked

On his behalf by Wikileaks

Proved nothing, yet

Were used as his battle cry


His own personal emails

Attained legally

Have left him

And his klan quaking

In fear and rage

As a good man

Works to expose their crimes

It will be sweet Justice

When emails prove to be

His kryptonite

That fucking moron

In the White House


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