Trump’s Hypocritical Attempts to Discredit Mueller

The latest buzz is that Donald J Trump will fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller on December 22. This is being called a “constitutional crisis”.

Plans by Democrats are underway to take to the streets when this happens, in protest of Trump’s disregard for the law and due process.

Why will Trump fire Mueller now?

Trump officials recently discovered that on September 1, 2017, Robert Mueller acquired the Trump team’s transition emails. It has been reported that these emails include 12 accounts, one of which contains about 7,000 emails.

This discovery was made when the emails were used by Mueller’s prosecutors as the basis for questions to witnesses.

The GSA (General Services Administration, an independent agency of the U. S. government, established in 1949 to manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies) turned over a flash drive containing “tens of thousands” of records that included emails sent & received by 13 senior Trump transition officials.

Propaganda press is spinning the story:

“FOX BREAKING NEWS: Trump transition team sends letter to lawmakers; claims Mueller team inappropriately obtained private documents.”

The irony here is staggering. Those crying foul are the same people who, along side Russia, illegally hacked into a U.S. government official’s personal emails in order obtain damaging information so as to manipulate the outcome of the presidential election.

Trump conspired with Russians to steal the presidency. He is now protected by the presidency— to a point, but the problem is, he doesn’t respect the limits of presidential privilege.

According to Seth Abramson, a former criminal attorney, Trump will likely attempt to fire Mueller in one of two ways. I’m paraphrasing—

  • Trump will demand the Attorney General fire Mueller. When the AG refuses, because there are no legal grounds to fire him, Trump will fire the AG and repeat the process, continuing down the AG line of succession, until he finds someone who is willing to do it.
  • Trump himself will fire Mueller under the guise of “executive privilege.”

Richard Nixon tried both.

Congress could pass legislation to stop Trump from attempting either action but, in my opinion which is based on the history of this congress, they will not take any such action. Congress currently has a Republican majority, and they have their reasons to remain apathetic.

  • They desperately want to pass their tax bill in order to appease their owners and reward themselves.
  • Many of them will also be implicated in the Mueller investigation. Russian money has permeated the GOP.

I see Mueller as the Elliot Ness of our time. Ness did what many before him tried to do but failed. He took down notorious underworld crime boss Al Capone, not on murder or racketeering, but on tax evasion.

Like Al Capone, Trump is surrounded by unscrupulous powerful men who will stop at nothing to protect him, because they’re in almost as deep as Trump is.

Unlike Capone, Donald Trump is a moron who has left a trail of evidence in many multifaceted crimes which occurred both before and after his election. Among them—

  • Coordination with Russia and Russian supported entities to conspire against the U.S.,
  • Organized crime and racketeering,
  • Money laundering,
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Sexual assault, etc.

Remember, Donald Trump had been involved in 3,500 legal cases in the 10 years prior to the election.

It has been speculated, since the day Michael Flynn began cooperating with Mueller, that Jared Kushner (Mr Ivanka) is next to be indicted.

Mueller questioned Kushner before anyone knew Flynn was cooperating. Did Flynn provide Mueller with enough information to prompt Kushner to incriminate himself?

Trump’s campaign to discredit Robert Mueller is in full swing. They falsely claim Mueller obtained emails “unlawfully.”

Mueller is meticulous in his work. He has approached this case as he has many other white collar criminal investigations. Nothing he did was unusual or illegal.

What does Trump have to hide? Why are they trying to diffuse the findings by saying they were obtained illegally?

This is Trump laying the foundation on which he will once again obstruct justice, flouting the rule of law, by firing the person investigating him.

Let’s not forget Trump said “I love Wikileaks!” He sought out emails stolen by a foreign adversary.

There is plenty of evidence of collusion with Russia, as Donald Trump is well aware. It is only unfortunate that he still has a following of people, I believe his approval rating is still at 32%, who refuse to see what is truly obvious. Donald Trump is a traitor who conspired against the United States, and was put in office by VladimirPutin.

All things good things, and bad, come to an end, and It is inevitable that this will not end well for Donald Trump. When the end finally comes many Americans will breathe a blissful sigh of relief to have survived it. I only hope our democracy will survive it too.


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8 thoughts on “Trump’s Hypocritical Attempts to Discredit Mueller

  1. If Trump fires Mueller, it could trigger the next American revolution or civil war. Unlike Nixon, Trump won’t resign because it’s Trump over country. And so goes our American democracy.

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  2. I have always believed if you nothing to worry about, then you don’t attack others out of worry. You can stay cool and calm. You don’t need to try and attack someone. The only people who do, ALWAYS have something to hide. It’s like when you’re kid and you are so worried that your parents are about to find out (even if they aren’t) that you start lashing out or changing.

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