Blessed Are the Stupid

Blessed are the stupid: for they have inherited the United States.

Lately I wonder, why do I care? Caring is thankless. So many Americans have no idea what is happening, and are happy as such. Some voted for Donald Trump, of course without putting much thought into it. Half of the eligible voters avoided the polls altogether on that day when Vladimir Putin hijacked our democracy by way of Dotard Trump.

That a buffoon like Donald Trump is in the White House is proof, only a fraction of us take elections seriously. Why do I care?

How many among us have lately, or ever, read objective material? Do those who watch Fox ever think to confirm it’s veracity?

A tyrant with an orange patina heads our democracy, and he brazenly claims to be above the law.

Donald Trump’s lead attourney John Dowd, tells us— president Donald Trump “can not obstruct justice” because he heads the justice system. This idea is a threat to democracy. If Dowd really believes that, why does he feel the need to claim authorship of Trump’s most damning tweet to date?

If Dowd had indeed penned that particular tweet, why would he advance the fallacy that a president can not obstruct justice?

Does anyone believe Trump’s attorney is up at all hours composing nonsense on his client’s behalf.

If Trump did, as the tweet claims, fire Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI, and then asked FBI director James Comey to “”let the Flynn thing go,” then Donald Trump obstructed justice— as he did when he fired Comey because he wanted the Russia investigation to stop.

Mr Dowd must be paid well, because his legal career may end with Trump, as will the Republican Party.

Trump not only claims he can not obstruct justice, he believes he is above every law—

  • He shrugs off sexual assault accusations.
  • He says tax evasion makes him smart.
  • He decides whether or not a pedophile is innocent, because he needs his vote in the senate.
  • He profits from his position, because the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, (which restricts government officials from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states without consent of Congress), does not apply to him… he says.

If only stupid people realized they were stupid, there might not be dotards in politics, nor would there be evangelicals claiming religion… But why do I care?


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4 thoughts on “Blessed Are the Stupid

  1. I agree with your entire post. Half the electorate, and the country, is comprised of completely unthinking morons. The sad thing, as you stated, is that they are not even AWARE of how clueless they are. Remember the despicable death-mask signs they drew and “wrote” when Obama became president, and then, when he passed the ACA??? The drawings of Obama were completely disrespectful and horrifying. And, their SIGNS showed their utter ineptitude….rampant misspellings, and their stupidity in writing “get the government’s hands off my Medicare!”

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  2. I believe that some of Trump’s supporters are both stupid and deplorable (I.e. evil) but I have to believe that some (hopefully most) are so sick of the political status quo, lack of true leadership and justice and greed, that their intention to vote for Trump was to shake up the whole mess – which they did. NOW, what are we going to do about it? Will these same voters – seeing what a mess they’ve created – change their votes at the next election? Will those who did not vote, excercise their right and responsibility next time? Will more voters turn out for local elections? Diligent, persistent and HONEST reporting will keep all the atrocities of the current regime in the forefront and, hopefully, instigate a drastic change in the next election.

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  3. I think that the scariest part is that they knew what they were voting for and did it anyway. In their minds they had to rationalize it, and for change they have to admit they were wrong, not ignorant. The mind type that chooses what we have over competence, even if the option was not likeable, is not the mind type that admits it is just plain wrong.

    The best thing to do is to vote with dollars. Spend as little at you can and don’t spend any discretionary money in states with Republican senators.

    Don’t use banks more than you must. This is advantageous to you as well since a credit union pays much better interest. Mine pays 10 × what Chase does on regular savings!

    Pay cash, this especially helps small,
    local businesses since they have to pay what amounts to a tax of 2.5% or so to banks on credit card purchases.

    If everyone who voted against the difficult toddler does this it could effect change. Much more than protests. The toddler thinks any attention is good so protests feed the beast.

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