GOP Tax Plan Passes Senate and the Wealth Gap Widens

“The American people wanted change. We were able to deliver.” Republican Senator John Brarrasso

The GOP prioritizes the wants of it’s financial contributors above the needs of American tax payers.

“My donors are basically saying: ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again’” -Republican Rep. Chris Collins

“Donors are furious” -Republican Senator Cory Gardner

“The financial contributions will stop” -Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

At approximately 2 am Saturday December 2, 2017, the senate passed the GOP tax plan.

“Not a single Democrat thought the tax plan was a good idea.” -Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said with a smirk.

This plan will not help the middle class. It is a gift to the wealthy, and gives U.S. corporations more provisions to ship jobs overseas, and that is precisely where the wealthy will hide more of their spoils.

The bill adds $1.47 trillion to the deficit, while it takes a first step toward dismantling healthcare, leaving 12 million more Americans uninsured.

Healthcare does not exist in the dystopian world of Donald Trump and his GOP America, not when the cost of it can be dispersed among people like Trump, his billionaire supporters, and his his co-conspirator cabinet members.

Those who voted were given a 478 printed page copy, many of which had illegible handwritten changes added, just a few hours before the vote. They were not given the time to read it, but that was by design. Had there been time to read it, perhaps it wouldn’t have been successful in it’s vote.

Senators voted along party lines— Democrats unanimously voted no, republicans voted yes, with the exception of 1 republican, Senator Bob Corker who voted no. The final vote was 51 to 49. The bill now only needs to clear two small hurdles before it is enacted.

Despite proof of the opposite, Mitch McConnell and other republicans continue to promise economic growth will be triggered by corporate tax cuts and that in turn will offset the deficit. Several CEO’s have said they will not re-invest the money in jobs. This money will not trickle down, nor was it meant to.

We may as well give the Statue of Liberty back the the French. This bill changes America into a country that doesn’t take care of its elderly, its sick, or its impoverished. It makes cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, and it dismantles the American healthcare system for the sole purpose of giving more money to the 1% of the population who already own 38% of the country’s wealth.

Trump will have this as his single victory before he is removed from office. Republican’s strategy to ignore Trump’s crimes of treason and his violations of the Emoluments Clause has paid off as they have succeeded in their ultimate goal which is seemingly to increase the wealth gap.

This will be the end the GOP. Rest assured, the bill will be short lived, because first on the agenda for the next administration will be to reverse it. Who knows how long it will be before we take back the government back from Putin. I suggest those of you in the top 1% offshore your new riches asap.


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17 thoughts on “GOP Tax Plan Passes Senate and the Wealth Gap Widens

      1. I reposted your blog. I’m just appalled that this bill was shoved thru., I hope you are right that this is the end of Republican control of the house and senate. I’m planning my escape and learning how to speak Spanish. South America is looking better all the time.

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  1. The Trump presidency (and the Republican Congress) is more bizarre and far worse than anything the writers of “House of Cards” or “Scandal” could have dreamed up. It’s more like “Veep,” only it’s not at all funny.

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  2. The greatest crime has been committed against the American people today by those who are paid by the American people to protect them. These evil people have collected extra money from the richest 1% by way of a bribe and the 1% now insist on payback. Yes these Senators should be happy with the money they accept for doing the job and work towards bettering America and not themselves.The 1% should have been happy with the way the scales have been tipped in their favour for a long time but here is proof that enough is never enough.
    The voting system is broken but there’s no way to correct that unless the Democrats are given a mandate to govern and they must be prepared to give up any gifts made from within the 1% thus not allowing the 1% to maintain control of the Government and the laws. There must be penalties exacted to make them pay for their greed and it must become illegal to accept help to gain position from big business in the future. The senatorial salary is a generous package and must be enough.

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  3. This is very true. Trump does not like poor people and couldn’t care less about their situation given that he has no idea of the world they have to live in, and hopefully this will reflect in the mid-term elections when they vote against his administration. This is one of the best articles I have come across on how the new tax legislation gives tax breaks to the large corporations and punishes working class families:

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