Random Thoughts of Trump, Terrorism and Impeachment

I never watch television, “annoyed” isn’t a strong enough word to describe the feelings it triggers in me. It’s like listening to the constant reverberation of a dentist’s drill. I just realized my dentist’s office plays a television in every room…oh God, I have an appointment on Friday…😱!

In such cases as this, if I am forced to sit in a room with a television I am drawn in against my free will, like a mosquito is drawn toward a zapper, and when I leave the room I am stupider than I was when I entered.

On Monday, in my childish Christmas morning like anticipation of the Mueller arrest announcement, I turned on my television (left behind in the divorce). I wasn’t sure how it worked. I tried  to find MSNBC, but I could only find Trump Fox TV, or CBS. I chose the latter. Two news anchors, I don’t know or care to know their names, were on camera discussing the possibilities. One of the anchors repeatedly said “collusion is not a crime.” 

I unplugged the television (couldn’t figure out how to turn it off), and let my brain sizzle for a while. Then I started my search. Collusion is a word synonymous with the word conspiracy. Conspiracy against the United States is a crime. In fact it is one of the charges that was shortly thereafter announced against Paul Manafort, financially related so far. 

My lesson for today is simple:

  • annoying is to television 
  • as
  • collusion is to conspiracy 

They are the same, and all four should be illegal. The spreading of fear by means of broadcasting ignorance and misinformation, whether intentional or unintentional is how we got in this fine mess…and this is a fine mess.
We have a corrupt GOP as the majority of congress. Many of them have financial ties to Russia and are so afraid of their own incrimination in the Mueller investigation that they are sitting on their hands hoping no one will notice them.

They should be filing articles of impeachment. That is their job. Bill Clinton was impeached for something as ridiculous as lying about a consensual sex act! This is treason, election tampering, money laundering…

Filing articles of impeachment would strip Trump of his pardoning power instantly. If he starts pardoning his co-COLLUSIONERs, aka his coconspirators, then there is no rule of law. The bad guys win again, turn over your health insurance, your 401K, and your bank loans on your way out. 

Who wants to live in a country where corruption is the order of the day? I don’t. I want to live in a democracy. I want the majority of the people to rule, the majority who work honest jobs and pay their share of taxes, and don’t funnel money into Argentina and the Cayman Islands. I want the American people to take America back from Russia, and the wealthiest 1%. I want the Nazi’s to crawl back into their hiding places or to seek asylum in Russia. Is this too much to ask?

Incidentally, I have a child who goes to school in lower Manhattan. I was more than a little anxious when she didn’t pick up the phone or respond to my text messages (for ten whole minutes). 8 people were killed and at least 11 injured in what has rightly been labeled a terrorist act. This is a f*d up world. That said, what happened exactly one month ago on October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas, left 58 dead, and 500 wounded. It was not labeled a terrorist act because to be labeled terrorism the violent act must encompass a political agenda. This is Trump’s most convenient excuse for racism. Vegas was comparatively swept under the rug by Donald tRump for two reasons.

  1. The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a white man. Trump’s supporters fall into the demographic of white man, and Donald Trump is a white supremacist whose racist agenda was not served by the Vegas attack.
  2. The Vegas attack weapon of choice was firearms. The NRA is more corrupt and powerful than any underworld organization , and they own the GOP.

The U.S. Constitution’s Art 2 Sec 2: “he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.” 

Impeach the f*ker already!

Some more optimistic thoughts. I’ve read several arguments by attourneys and come to the understanding that– when Mueller names Trump as a conspirator in this, Trump loses his power to impeach anyone related to the investigation. 

Additionally, Mueller has planned for Trump’s predictable and inevitable melt down. When he (possibly) fires Mueller, it will not affect the proceedings.  Mueller has planned ahead, this is his job, and he’s good at it. As I’ve said before, Mueller is playing chess, Trump is trying really hard to color in the lines.

Who will be next and when will it happen? 


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3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of Trump, Terrorism and Impeachment

  1. I have long felt that the sensational tendencies of the TV media are why we as a nation are in this pickle.

    Important issues such as health care and the tax system are reported like they are a bowl game between Republicans and Democrats. This, in my opinion, encourages Congress to act irresponsibly.

    I see this football attitude a lot in the Difficult Toddler’s communication. It’s all about winning a game, not what policies will actually do.
    I do wish someone would have a chit chat with him and explain that fake news means when it’s fiction, not that Difficult Toddler doesn’t like it. I’m rather sick of that term.

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    1. “Fake News” has become a running joke in my home. I tell my son his room is a mess- “fake news,” my daughters response to my claim that every 18 year old has a fake id also “fake news.” That I admit may have been an exaggeration.
      “Fake News” is a convenient way to shoot down the opposition, and it’s a Russian tactic.

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