Today is Good a Day to Impeach

Every Republican in Congress and every American who voted for Donald Trump has seen and heard the truth, no more feigned ignorance.
There is a choice, a clear dividing line. Trump has given domestic terrorists licence to continue their violence.
Politicians in office, elected to represent all Americans, have a job to do now. Remove Nazis from the White House, all of them including their leader Donald Trump. 
All symbols of hate need to be banned from public buildings and grounds, including Nazi symbols, and confederate flags and statues, gestures such as the Nazi salute criminalized as they are in other countries. 

Baltimore took immediate action, and so should Washington D.C. It isn’t North Korea, or radical Islam, Donald Trump is the biggest threat to our national security. 

You need more reasons? The Nazi thing isn’t compelling enough, the admitted sexual assault wasn’t, isolating the U.S. by destroying alliances, as when leaving the Paris Climate Accord, the money laundering, the mob ties, the Russian collusion for the purpose of putting Trump in office to lift sanctions for a Russian oil deal, isn’t enough? Does he have to “stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody?”

Today is a good day to impeach.


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One thought on “Today is Good a Day to Impeach

  1. I agree, but I’m not counting on Trump’s hand-picked cabinet members or the GOP-controlled Congress to do the right thing. They are all ruled by their own unenlightened self-interests. And do you think the newly emboldened neo-nazi members of the alt-right would allow Trump to go down without a fight? There will be blood.

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