Is This War?

Granted this New York, a city that disowned Donald Trump a long time ago, but he continually reaffirms his status as the most reviled New Yorker in the history of the Big Apple—that’s a lot of people. 

Time Magazine today:  Thousands of demonstrators roared “shame, shame, shame” and “not my president!” while watching for Trump’s motorcade along Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, but it ultimately approached from another direction. 

Meanwhile, about two dozen Trump fans near The Plaza chanted “God bless President Trump” and carried American flags and signs with such sentiments as “now is not the time for divisiveness.” 

I do math on occasion, please double check my results:

Thousands > Two dozen

Many cities today make plans to remove all confederate statues, while other cities and states debate the idea. Some are already in the process. 

Meanwhile in North Carolina, Americans took action.

As Trump’s approval ratings plummet…again, Intel and Under Armour CEO’s join Merck, Tesla, Disney, and Uber, by also stepping down from Trump’s Job Advisory Council. 

Last week the question was—should we prepare for WWIII, but this week the more likely scenario would be—should we prepare for Civil War II?

White Supremacist groups believe this war has begun, and Trump is their leader. 

Either way, if you are planning to stock up on non-perishable food items, stay away from Ramen Noodles. The human body can not digest them. 

Mueller, Mueller…

4 thoughts on “Is This War?

  1. … and also pepper.

    Trump must be one of the most reviled Presidents in US history. His two most shameful acts in my opinion are 1) pulling the US out of the IPCC 2015 Paris climate agreement and 2) appointing a pro-business and lobbyist climate sceptic as head of the EPA. Both actions will affect the future life quality of millions of American children and their children after Trump is long in his grave…

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      1. That’s the big question, isn’t it. Removing Trump – hideous though he is – won’t cure the malaise that put him there in the first place.
        Thank you for your posts. I read a lot of news, but you reduce it to essentials for me.

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