Trump’s Ten Tweet Morning

Something big and bad must be underway in the White House. Uncontrollable repeated tweeting is Trump’s tell, his non-verbal giveaway, that he’s upset, and not necessarily about that which he tweets. Caps are chum in the water. 

Here is the first clue, first tweet of the morning. Trump tells something big was LEAKED by the Washington Post pertaining to the now out of favor elf, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  

I think Mr POTUS was trying to use the word amazing in an ironic way, but this master of misogyny’s karma spellcheck changed it to amazing to Amazon.

Twelve minutes later he decides to attack NYT and somehow blame them for “foiled” U.S. military action. Narcissists never accept responsibility for anything. Let’s move on, lots to cover.

Seven minutes later he decides tamp down the crazy a bit and tell us what he has to do today in a job that he doesn’t like to actually do. Those seven minutes were likely spent googling: Gerald R. Ford Commissioning Ceremony.

43 minutes later he returns to the original panic. He is telling us that it will be expected of him to “pardon” everyone who is implicated by “leaks” which are fake. So…it’s fake, but leaked, and he will pardon everyone for their innocent non-crimes. Is he the only one who doesn’t understand- if something is “leaked” it is real, otherwise it would just be fake? Two negatives make a positive- math. 

The axe must be on its decent.

Back to Jeff Sessions 9 minutes later. Throw a mixed bag of pasta at the wall and hope something sticks. (Hillary emails are manicotti, hollow, and Comey is ravioli- heavy with so much evidence.) Nothing sticks.

Also, who are these “so many people”? I think they’re the same voices in his head that tell him tweeting is a good 

Three minutes later he is back to the tried and true Nazi trick – accuse others of that which you are guilty. 

Thirteen minutes later…Poor Fredo. Volunteered seven different versions of a story, altering the story as new facts came out. That’s a good boy. There will be a file in your 40th birthday cake, use it to escape incarceration.

Ego time… Spicer replacement was not originally a Trump fan.

Now what can he say to distract from what is really going on? Ah- killing people for profit. WIN!

Donald Trump is the orange hair-clog obstructing democracy.  

You with the wrench and plunger, Mr Mueller, we’re waiting!


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