A Nothing Burger 

“If it’s what you say I love it,” ~Donald Trump Jr. 

What’s in it? It started with nothing, 

an empty room

Add Trump jr, a friend of a friend 

Some Lawyer whom


They may have been Russian

Junior can’t really say

There was nothing to learn

 So he for sure didn’t stay


He thought “Russian adoption”

Though that’s not their platform

They need a bigger bucket 

To clean up this shit storm

Try this:

What he was promised: 

Was…um…was information by

A hostile foreign government

Who wanted to try


To determine the outcome

Decide the election

Doesn’t matter why he went

Because it wasn’t done


He didn’t know her name

She claimed she had Clinton dirt

Any politician would have gone

How could it hurt?


Um so— is that what a nothing burger is? 


Trump Jr, Kushner, Paul Manafort,

A Russian lawyer 

Natalia Veselnitskaya

But there’s no report


An unregistered Russian agent 

Rinat Akhmetshin 

So far that’s five

But there are more to stir in


A publicist Rob Goldstone 

And an ex-employee of 

The U.S. Government:

Translator Anatoli Samochorov


Something is wanting- 

Perhaps a secret sauce 

My nothing burger

Is missing…Trump, the burger’s distasteful boss

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