Why Are They Letting Donald Trump Talk?

Donald Trump’s latest trip to Paris has resigned me to a few facts:

  • Donald Trump is not interested in learning how to shake hands like a normal person— how not to assault on first meeting. He is an uncivilized bully asserting dominance from the onset of every encounter. (This caveman technique does not extend to Vladimir Putin.) Trump doesn’t seem to care that people walk away from him thinking “what a jackass!” 

His latest victim- First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron

  • Donald Trump does not understand that commenting on a women’s appearance, especially a women he does not know, is inappropriate and disrespectful. Whether he believes he is complementing or an insulting, no one wants or needs his validation on their physical attributes. This behavior by a man with his history of sexual assault and misogynistic tendencies is creepier than it would be by most other men who think they’re being charming. “She’s in such good shape,” and “beautiful” is not something you say to the President of France’s wife. Trump is representing the U.S. very poorly, and I for one am embarrassed by him.

Leave the women you encounter alone you fat assed old pervert.

  • One last thing. Donald Trump’s stupidity is his own, and I object to his implications that “a lot of people” share his ignorance. During his speech in Paris he said “France is one of America’s oldest allies, a lot of people don’t know that.” I just about lost my covfefe. Speak for yourself you idiot. 

Perhaps he might ask when the construction of the Eiffel Tower, and its condominiums will be complete. He might suggest gold plating. He might he remind Macron how well the Panama Canal thing worked out and suggest something similar for the Canal Saint-Martin. Donald Trump should not leave the U.S. in fact, I believe he should limit his travels to to U.S. states where he won the popular vote.


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