Bumbling the World Together 

It’s Happened, 

Finally We All Agree

From Sea, Flyover States, 

To Shining Sea

Playdate Moms 

Who Drive Suburbans

Rural Hipsters, 

Urban Republicans



Lifelong Democrats

Dog People, 

Old Women With Twenty Cats

Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist, 

Jews, and Christians 

Granola Breathing 



Bernie Lovers, 

Atheists, KKK

Tout le Monde, 

Doesn’t Acquiesce Everyday

U.K., Australia, 

Asia, the E.U. 

Everyone From Everywhere, 

This is New


Breitbart , The New York Times, 

Washington Post

The World Has Reached Accord, 

Let’s have a toast

Finally Concur 

News Affiliates:

Donald Trump Junior

Is An Idiot. 


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